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Illustrations: Jesus' Last Week

Jesus prays in the Garden of Gethsemane

Jesus' Last Week

The following set of posts contain 64 Annie Vallotton illustrations covering the story of Jesus' last week: Palm Sunday to Resurrection..

41 of the illustrations were drawn for the original "Last Week" collection commissioned by the Griggs. In addition, we have added copies of the 23 more "last week" -related images we found in the other three collections given to us into the one "Last Week" collection you see below.  See usage restrictions and copying help.

  • Each image is larger than it appears in the posting window. Click the image to enlarge it before saving, or open the attachment at the end of the post.
  • Click the image to open it full-size in your browser, then right-click the image to save the large version to your computer.
  • Scripture quotes are based on the Good News Bible and Vallotton's own notes are included below each image.

Why there are two or three versions of each image:

Three different versions of the same Vallotton imageOriginal Colored Background Version: Annie Vallotton originally created these illustrations with colored backgrounds for a multimedia project. The originals have the word "color" in their filename. They are posted first and followed by the "white background" version. Look closely at some of the colored versions and you can see the texture of the artist's wash and paper.

White Background: We have created a “white background, color removed” grayscale version for those who want to use them to illustrate handouts and not empty their inkjet cartridge. This "white background" version is posted after each original color one. In some cases, creating the white background removed some of Vallotton's background texture, especially in "night" scenes.

Tinted Version: In a few cases, we have also posted an alternate color-tinted version. Those have the word "tint" in their filename. You can create your own tinted version if you like.

For more information, email

Quicklinks for this Collection

  • Palm Sunday / Jesus Cleanses the Temple / Jesus Teaches /Sanhedrin Plots to Kill Jesus
  • Judas Betrayal / Last Supper / Garden of Gethsemane
  • Arrest / Before the Sanhedrin / Peter Denies Jesus / Before Pilate / Soldiers Mock Jesus
  • Crucifixion / Resurrection

41 of the following images are from the original Last Week Collection commissioned by the Griggs. 13 are copies from the "Jesus & Peter Collection," 5 are copies from the "Jesus and the 12 Disciples Collection," and 5 are copies from the "Jesus the Healer, Teacher, and Servant Collection."  We have also copied over the original captions created by the Griggs and Annie Vallotton, and renumbered them.

Thank you to Don and Pat Griggs for sharing their Vallotton Collection with our members! And thank you as well to our Supporting Members whose support of this site makes the sharing of these works of art possible. Thank you


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