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Reply to "Jesus Heals Blind Bartimaeus (Mark 10) - Ideas and Resources"


"Blind, Kind Bartimaeus" Marionette/Puppet Script


Healing of Blind Bartimaeus

  • Use Let’s Talk software program to imagine/recreate the dialog in the crowd. What were all the different reactions to this miracle from the bystanders?
    "Let's Talk" software program is now free to the supporting members of! Learn more!

  • * iLumina Bible has a short animation on the “healing of the blind man.”
  • * Disciple’s Diary - The secret to making Disciple's Diary easy to use: go to the STEPS under the Archway in the Archive menu screen. The Archway is labelled "Periods in the Life of Jesus", the archway left of the bible. The archway Steps or Periods organize this vast archive into ten neat and tidy units. Step 8: Final Ministry is where you will find the narration of Blind Bartimaeus.

    * NOTE: These two programs are out of print, but many Rotation churches have them so why we've left them here.


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