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Jesus Is Born - Easy At-Home Advent and Christmas Lessons for Families (open to everyone)

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At-home Advent Lessons
adapted from our Writing Team's
"Jesus is Born" lesson set

Below in this topic are several "at-home" lessons we have adapted from the Writing Team's original "Jesus is Born" lesson set especially for the needs of Advent 2020. The adaptations make them slightly shorter and easier for families to do together at home. They also work well for in-church use in 2020 where, due to the pandemic and social distancing, classes may be jumbled, smaller, more broadly graded, or led by new volunteers.

Each lesson can be read and copied so you can modify it. We've also turned each posted lesson into a shareable PDF you can send to your members.

Each lesson focuses on two key episodes in the Christmas story: the angel's announcement to Joseph (in Matthew) and then Joseph and Mary traveling to Bethlehem for the birth (in Luke). Life application includes a focus on "our journey" to the birth of Jesus and how our lives are changed by his coming.

Each lesson presents the story with different media and a slightly different emphasis. They are different enough to not feel repetitive. We recommend using more than one lesson to improve memory and recall of these important scriptures and their life applications.

Lessons in this set:

Make a special ornament that tells the story.
» See the lesson below OR print or share this PDF.

Bake special "Journey Cakes" to help you think about the Advent journey and Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem. » See the lesson below OR print or share this PDF.

WormySoftwareLogo1Christmas Story Software
Using Fluffy and God’s Amazing Christmas Adventure software, families reflect on both Matthew’s story of the angel who appeared to Joseph and the birth of Jesus according to Luke. Fluffy & God’s Amazing Christmas Adventure software is FREE to our Supporting Members.
» See the lesson below OR print/share this PDF.

"Advent Idol" Christmas Songs Workshop
Work together using the Lyrics Worksheet to ponder and complete lyrics to three short songs set to familiar Christmas tunes. Then, make a favorite family-memory by performing and recording your songs on your hit TV show “Advent Idol" !
» See the lesson below OR print/share this PDF.

Note that while most of our At-Home lesson plans are open only to our amazing Supporting Members who help make our website and its resources possible, this lesson set is open to everyone as our gift to you. Merry Christmas! 

Some Background on the two stories in this set...

The first episode about Joseph, Matthew 1:18-25, has been called "the gospel in miniature," and it's easy to see why in the message it delivers:  "Do not be afraid, Mary. God is with you. Jesus will save."

The second episode we explore in each lesson, Luke 2:1-7, shares Joseph’s faithful response to God's plan and the couple's journey to Bethlehem.

While neither story is as spectacular as those of the shepherds and Magi, they are no less important. Indeed, what the angel says to Joseph may be the most important words in the entire Advent story, because they tell us "why."

Joseph and Mary's response (their journey) literally and figuratively gives birth to our own response.

For adults who want to dig a little deeper into the study of this story, we recommend our Bible Background.

Scroll down for the adapted lesson plans.

Check out the full original lesson set here.

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