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A Jonah Song

Sung to “the other day, I met a bear” (a familiar camp song)
Written by Melodie Telfer, Mosaic Church, Mississauga Ontario
Feb 18, 2005

Here is a fun song for a Jonah lesson. Just like the camp song, the kids repeat each line after the leader and then everone sings the stanza together while clapping their hands.

There was a man
Named Jonah
God said to him
Go to that town

Jonah was sacred
He listened not
He ran away
Onto a boat

God knew he ran
God had a plan
To teach this dude
That he was rude

The waves grew high
Up to the sky
The tiny ship
Began to flip

The sailors hummed
The sailors hawed
They wondered what
Had caused this storm?

Jonah knew why
The seas were high
He told the men
To toss him in

A great big whale
Was swimming near
It swallowed Jonah
with one big gulp.

There Jonah stayed
For three long nights
Inside its belly
With no daylight

The third day
Jonah said please
God I ‘m so sorry
For running away

God heard his cry
The whale complied
Out Jonah went
On land warm and dry.

His lesson learned
Jonah returned
And Jonah, boy
He understood
When God says “go”
So, go you should.

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Here are an assortment of MP3's versions of the original camp song

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