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Jonah Music


I collect VBS CDs from a variety of VBS publishers each year. Those CDs are aimed at kids and often fit the themes of the important stories. Unfortunately, that makes some of the music I use a little harder to find.

Here are the songs we used for Jonah music:

  • I’m Gonna Learn the Books of the Bible (Scripture Songs by Twin Sisters, Track #7). This is a song to help memorize the Old Testament books. We used it during arrival time. Learning rote memory stuff in the music room really seems to work.
  • Every Move I Make (Hero Quest, Track #9) (also sung by Point of Grace or David Crowder Band). I tried to always start with a worship song. You could also use this at the end -- Jonah learns that he needs to align his moves with God.
  • Hey, God! Let’s Talk (Hey God, Let’s Talk, Track #1) (should also be on The Complete Works of Troy & Genie Nilsson) Use this when Jonah's in the belly of the whale and decides to pray.
  • I Will Obey You (Sing & Play Splash (Group VBS), Track #4)
    Use this after Jonah prays -- he decides to do what God wants.
  • Change My Heart, Lord (Passport Praises, Track #2)
    Use this song after Jonah preaches to the Ninevites -- this is their reaction -- penitence and a desire for change.
  • Amazing Grace (Golden Books Music’s Hymns for Kids, Track #1) Obviously, this song is available many places.
  • God forgave the people of Ninevah and won't destroy the city!   Big House (Sing & Shout Songs for Children’s Ministry, Vol 1, Track #6) This song should be available on a bunch of different CDs, also.
    You can use this right after Amazing Grace or after Jonah pouts. We do the hand motions to it.
  • Jonah’s Theme (RPM Vol 2, Track #11)
    This song reviews the whole story. It's a parody of the theme song for the TV show Flipper (which the kids have never seen :-) ). Definitely better with older kids than younger.
  • Go Now in Peace (Good News at Gospel Rock, Track #3) (or any other version of this -- I usually have the kids sing it acapella)
    This is our traditional good-bye song from the music room.
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