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Reply to "Kindergarten Activities for Second Coming/New Jerusalem"

Some art and activities that worked well with our PS/K group as we spent a few weeks talking about Revelation:

Knocking and sharing: a meal relay to go with the letters to seven churches


  • toy food
  • toy plates
  • chair and crown

Explain that we are going to play a game that goes with this Scripture passage after we read it. Jesus said to the Church in Laodicea:

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends. Those who are victorious will sit with me on my throne, just as I was victorious and sat with my Father on his throne." Rev 3:20-21

Divide the group into two teams and have them line up. First person should pick up a plate with a couple pieces of toy food on it  and carry it to the door (or a wall) and knock, then go back to sit in a chair (throne). Next person puts the crown on the first and then carries the plate, knocks, and returns to throne. When the last person returns with the plate, the first person puts the crown on him and the relay is done.

Say: Just like we knocked and shared a meal, Jesus promised to eat with those who let Him in and then share his throne with Him. Jesus wants to be with the church. In today’s story, Jesus sent messages to seven churches to warn the churches because Jesus loves the church! Jesus knows that trusting in Him and following Him is the best choice for everyone. How can we start living like we hear Jesus' voice now? What does it mean to open the door to him?


Make church art


  • construction paper
  • envelopes
  • jumbo craft sticks
  • markers
  • glue

Give each preschooler a sheet of paper and an envelope. Show a preschooler how to glue her open envelope to her paper. Glue the flap to the paper as well so the pocket is left open. Encourage her to use markers to draw a door on the envelope and a cross above the flap to form a church. Then give her some jumbo craft sticks and invite her to use markers to decorate each one to look like a person. The preschooler may then place her craft stick people in the pocket of the envelope as if they are people at church. Write “Jesus loves the church” and the memory verse on each preschooler’s artwork.

Say: Jesus loves the church. Jesus sent messages to seven churches. He warned them to turn away from their sin and follow Him. Jesus works through the church to help believers work together to do God’s plan. Who are the people in your church?


Toss crowns


  • plastic toss rings
  • picture of feet
  • masking tape

Draw two feet on paper or find a picture online. Hang the feet on the wall, touching the floor. Use tape to make a line on the floor several feet away from the feet. Tell preschoolers that the rings are crowns and the feet represent Jesus’ feet. Allow preschoolers to take turns tossing the “crowns” at “Jesus’ feet.”

Say:  In our story today we will be talking about John’s vision again. John cried when he saw that no one was good enough to open a scroll. Then John saw Jesus, the Lamb of God. When Jesus took the scroll, the elders threw their crowns at His feet. I wonder why? (pause for answers)  I wonder if you would throw something at his feet?

Jesus died on the cross so that we can have forgiveness and life forever with God. Jesus is good enough to open the scroll. He deserves all of our worship. One day, everyone and everything will worship Jesus.


Seal a scroll


  • "parchment" printer paper
  • crayons
  • jewel stickers
  • big stickers for sealing

Give a piece of parchment paper to each child. Have the children to decorate their papers with drawings of crowns and jewel stickers. Write the memory verse on each child’s paper, and then guide him to roll up his paper like a scroll. Give him a large sticker to seal his scroll.

Say: John cried when he saw that no one was good enough to open the scroll. Then he saw Jesus! Jesus is good enough to open the scroll. Jesus is worthy of our worship. One day, everyone and everything will worship Jesus!


Picture a new city


  • construction paper
  • scissors or paper cutter
  • gold paper or ribbon
  • glue sticks

Before the session, cut out small rectangles and  squares from construction paper.  Give each preschooler a sheet of construction paper. Set out the rectangles and squares. Show a preschooler how to glue rectangles and squares on their paper to serve as buildings, "stacking" them like blocks to make tall buildings. Glue gold paper or ribbon between the buildings for the roads. Write the memory verse on the paper.

Say: What a beautiful city you built! Who do you think lives there? What might they be doing? In John’s vision, John saw the city of Jerusalem coming down from heaven. Jesus said that He is coming back soon. When Jesus comes back, everyone who trusts in Him will be with Him in that city forever. God will undo every bad thing—no more death, pain, or tears! Jesus will come back and make all things new, just like our memory verse says.


Build a new city


  • blocks
  • decorative gem vase fillers

Encourage preschoolers to work together to build a city with blocks. Provide decorative gem vase fillers for children to use as roads between the buildings they build.  

Say: The city streets in the new Jerusalem will be made of pure gold, as clear as glass. Jesus will come back and make all things new. Everyone who trusts in Him will be with Him forever in this new city. What do you think it might be like to live here?



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