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Finding Good Sunday School Content Already Online

A number of well-respected "big" churches have produced series of high-quality ecumenical online lesson videos that you can freely share with your kids. More than just "animated retellings," they include background, questions, and reflection in engaging ways.

  • Share them during a Zoom call with your kids
  • Share links to them with your families
  • Supplement them with your own content.

Some good choices:

I like many of the short PursueGodKids presentations on YouTube. Good sense of humor and they feature real kids humorously re-enacting stories.

I  also like many of the Crossroad Kids Club videos posted on their YouTube channel. Check out their menu by age-group here.

In particular, I like their "God's Story" series for 5-8 yr olds.

Here's a clip:

LIFEKIDS children's ministry has a free "channel" on YouTube has lots of good stuff:  Do I recommend everything they put out? No. Like everything online, you need to be CHOOSY.

LIFEKIDS' video about God's Holy Spirit for EARLY CHILDHOOD is age-appropriate and cute:   Notice how varied the presentation is. Even has a song video at the end for the little guys.


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