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Reply to "Lesson Ideas for Online, At-Home Sunday School"

I also struggled last week finding a way to connect with my kids from church in a creative way and received some good ideas from others and some that did not quite match what my goal was. What I learned though, was that this is all very new and that there is a learning curve. Churches are all at different levels with their numbers, technology, staff, resources, finances, volunteers, and experiences. But the one thing they have, especially since they were compelled enough to try, is passion to keep their kids engaged in learning about Jesus. Yes, our first attempts are probably not going to be the best, and I am thankful for the resources in this platform that will help for the next attempt.

The ideas that I found most helpful were ones including:

  • putting a bag of supplies together for parents to pick up that include a project for them to work on
  • using song videos with motions to songs they already know so they can dance to them
  • including a short YouTube video clip of the Bible Story
  • offering a craft to make or an interactive prayer station experience.

For my lesson time this week I am going to try filming myself telling the story of Jesus healing the paralyzed man who was let down through the roof through doodles from the God’s Big Picture curriculum that the kids can draw at the same time.

I am thinking of then having them make a diorama of the scene and record themselves reenacting the story and send them to me or post them on our church’s Facebook page.

Finally, I am going to get them a map of the U.S for them to color a state each day and pray for those who are sick in that state for that day.

I do not prefer videos where people are just talking to the kids and the kids are only watching, but I also understand that this is a learning process. There are many small churches with limited means for high production and many churches that are staffed strictly with volunteers who are also involved in other jobs. As someone who spent 18 years as a mobile church with limited resources and volunteer staff, I am grateful for those who do what they can to teach our kids about Jesus and share His heart of love.

Lynda Miller, Bushkill, PA

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