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Free Printable, Linkable Bible Story Booklets for Younger Children

A lot of churches are providing their families with both printed materials and links to PDFs both routinely and during the current crisis. Here at we've been posting and using Jill Kemp's free printable booklets in our lesson forums and lesson plans for quite some time. They use Richard Gunther's kid-friendly illustrations. Graciously, both Jill and Richard offer all these materials for free. Jill has a number of different formats (PDF, Publisher) and offers most in both color and b&w. The b&w versions can be colored. She also has some printable worksheet/kid games. Ages 3 to 7.

  • Print and deliver them (or put them in a storybag).
  • Post links on your Facebook or Website.
  • Email a link to a story. 
  • Use them for video storytelling.
  • Use them as slides. 

 NEW Testament storybooks:

 OLD Testament storybooks:

Direct links to some timely stories:

Jesus Rides a Donkey storybook:

Washing Feet storybook:

Last Supper storybook:

On the Road to Emmaus storybook:


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