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Reply to "Lesson Ideas for Online, At-Home Sunday School"

Here is a great teaching technique that seems designed for a distanced group project: Selfie Bible Stories. 

Kids love taking pictures of themselves on the cellphone (or tablet). So it can become a fun way to tell a Bible story using cellphone camera's "selfie" setting.  It's very similar to "posing" or creating a Bible story "tableaux" --but it does it using the popular "selfie" mode on your camera and in doing so, emphasizes only the FACES and facial expressions of the students.

To turn it into an online/at-home lesson, have the families read the scripture passage and talk about it with questions you sent them, or have the discussion via Zoom or whatever technology you are using. Then assign each family a scene in the story and have them create a selfie using objects and makeshift costumes they have at home. (A time limit would make this quick and spontaneous rather than something that gets set aside until "later" and forgotten.) 

Have the families send you the photos and you can put them into a slideshow for sharing (or you can have each family share as part of the zoom time to wrap up the class and reflect). Make sure you share the slide show with the rest of the congregation, too, to keep them in touch with other families in a virtual way. 


This technique can be used for any Bible story.

Here is an example of a lesson that uses this technique in the Writing Teams Magi lesson set (open to Supporting Members, a great resource for only $45/year; summarized here for all).



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