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Fun Ways to Use A Cellphone At Home
to Learn Bible Stories and Verses

Over the past couple of years, we here at have posted lots of ideas, lesson plans, and video clips about using our cellphones in our teaching. This post shares links to some of those resources and has a couple of lesson ideas you can turn into "plans" to share with your families.

Kids LOVE taking photos and making videos with cellphones. The use of a cellphone makes the lesson an easy "sell" and gets some creative interaction and memorable sharing going at home on almost any subject you want.

Make a Time-Lapse Video of a Bible Story Using Your Cellphone 

The idea here is to introduce the story and do a little discussion before whipping out your camera to do a creative version of what you've just learned.

  • Create time-lapse dramas of stories by acting them out, or moving props like LEGOS while recording in time-lapse mode.
  • Draw a Bible story or key scene while being time-lapse recorded.
  • Illustrate a Bible scene or verse

In this video example
from a lesson here at, LEGOS were moved around to recreate the Parable of the Sower:

In this next one, two sisters have been recorded illustrating a verse.
The title says "time lapse" but it looks more like "fast playback" to me. (A song was added to the video prior to uploading to YouTube as you can't add audio in time-lapse).
There are free cellphone apps that let you record normally and then playback fast or slow.

 Key Tech Tip:  It takes about three minutes of recording to produce a 20 second time-lapse video. Do a test run on your cellphone to check your timing and whether or not your phone limits the length of time-lapse recording. (Get a free app for more controls/options.)

Learn more about cellphone recording techniques and different ways to tell the story on video in our LEGO-Storytelling Forum.  This topic also has some tech tips about time lapse.

Related Resource: View and Print/Share "18 Ways Teachers Can Use Their Cellphones in Sunday School."  It has a number of ideas that will spur your thinking.

"Share My Blessings" Cellphone Scavenger Hunt

Give each member of your family a cellphone and 20 minutes to go get snapshots of the following "blessings." Depending on your situation, you may go as a family or in pairs to find and take the photographs. Review everyone's photos and ask them to explain why they chose it. Use this as an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about each other, lift each other up, and remind each other of the small and daily blessings.

(See the next post about a follow up Bible study about blessings.)

  1. My favorite toy or clothing item
  2. Something that makes me feel happy
  3. Something that when I see it reminds me of some great memories
  4. Something that when I see it makes me a little sad
  5. Something that reminds me of the beauty of the world
  6. Something that we have that some other family could really use right now
  7. Something that reminds me of God
  8. A member of my family that I want to say something nice about

TIP: If you have a lot of family members or not a lot of time, write these eight items on slips of paper (duplicating some of the more introspective ones so that two people will do them) and have everyone draw 3 or four slips from a hat to go hunt for.

See the next post below for a "Beatitudes Blessings" Bible Study to use (at another time) following your Blessings Scavenger Hunt 


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