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The Lord's Prayer
Art Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Children will each create a square for a thankful quilt. 


Scripture Reference:

Matthew 6:9-15

Memory Verse:

the Lord’s Prayer Matt. 6:9-13

Supply List:

  • 12”x12” squares of white cotton-one for each child.
  • Decide if you are going to do an appliqué or a patchwork-style quilt.
    If appliqué- you may want to hem the squares with a ¼ hem on all sides.
  • Fabric markers or fabric paint
  • Cardboard-one piece for each child
  • Pencils
  • “prayer hand” pattern (do an internet search using the term “prayer hand”. You will see examples of hand outlines with a prayer category listed on each finger. They are intended to be reminders of how to pray).

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.



Opening-Welcome and Introductions:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.


Open with a prayer.


Dig-Main Content and Reflection:


Read the scripture:  Matthew 6:9-15


NOTE: Be sure the children know the actual words to the Lord’s prayer. Often, they miss-hear them and that is a hard habit to break. 



Explain to the children that today they will be learning about prayer.  


Ask the following questions (Accept any answers. The answers in parentheses are possible answers to help guide them. You may have others to add):


  • Why do we pray to God? (We need God’s help and guidance every day and God wants to know what is on our hearts.)
  • What do we do when we pray? (When we pray, we give God thanks, we pray for the needs of others and ourselves, we adore God, and we confess our sins.)
  • How do you pray? Are there any special prayers that you say at your house?
  • When do you pray? What do you pray about?

Explain that Jesus had many people that followed him and listened very carefully to what he was teaching. One day, he taught the people about prayer. He told them that they didn’t need a bunch of fancy words to talk to God. They didn’t even have to have their prayers memorized. They just needed to tell God what was on their hearts. Jesus showed them what he was talking about by saying a prayer for them We call this prayer the Lord’s Prayer. Ask them if they remember hearing this prayer during our worship service?

We are going to decorate white squares which will be made into a quilt to hang in the Gathering Room.


  1. Tell children they will be making squares for a quilt that will decorate the Gathering Room when it’s all done, so they should do their best work because everyone will see it.
  2. Lay each square over a piece of cardboard, secure with small binder clips, one on each side
  3. Each child should trace his/her hand onto the cloth, using a dark-colored fabric marker. Tell them they can use a variety of colors for step
  4. Using the “prayer hand” as an example, ask children to write a one-word response on each finger of their own, drawn hand. i.e, in response to thanks, they should ask themselves, “what do I thank God for?”, then write the answer on one of the fingers. To adapt this for non-readers, adults and/or older children can help by asking the children the questions and writing down their responses. The young children can choose which color they would like used for each response.
  5. Have each child write his/her name on the cloth, either on the palm of the hand or directly underneath the hand. Leave about ½ inch around each edge for sewing.
  6. Find a safe place for the squares to dry.
  7. Older students are going to be given the opportunity to do this, also, so once the squares are dry, they will be stored until all squares are done.

Reflection: Remind children that prayer is talking to God and that God wants to hear from us all the time. We can and should talk to Him as much as we want to. If time, ask for highs and lows.



End with the Lord's Prayer.


We will be attaching the white squares to some fabric that has the look of stained glass. We will be hanging this in our main Gathering Room/Fellowship Area once it is complete.


I adapted this lesson from something I believe I got on this site. However, I cannot find where I got it so if anyone recognizes it, please let me know and I'll credit the source. Thanks! 


A lesson written by Sharon Yacoviello for Spirit of Joy Church,

Indianapolis, IN


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