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Body Sox & Ribbon Wands


By Nora Joy (Guest) 


We used a big movement/music workshop for the Lord's Prayer.
We chose 4 contemporary musical settings of the Lord's Prayer. After talking about the parts of prayer and what the words meant and how they might look we put the children into Body Sox, played a setting of the prayer and encouraged them to move to the music.


Other settings were used as we had the children assume a meditation posture and also use ribbon wands to respond to the prayer.

The workshop was successful with all age groups.


Embodied Lord's Prayer (Movement)

 By cathyipumc (Guest):


Our parish nurse went to a seminar and learned the Embodied Lord's Prayer. She has the book by Nancy Seitz Marcheschi. The info on the cover is G.I.A. Publications Inc., 7404 South Mason Avenue, Chicago, IL 60638.


It looks interesting and my plan is to use it for drama and then have our children teach the congregation on sharing Sunday.


Additional Info. by CreativeCarol (Aug. 6/2011)

This post by Cathy, on "Embodied Lord's Prayer" sent me quickly to Google.Cool

What I found...

  • A description of motions to use (slightly different than the above motions) as the Lord's Prayer is recited by a congregation:Embodied Lord's Prayer.

3rd/4th Grade BOYS - Suggestions for Keeping Them Interested?


Question posted by Karen N. 


Replies offered by JanS:

  • I know here it has worked well to have the children use dowels and/or flags with movement activities.
  • I am sure that all of the children will enjoy learning the sign language.
  • Perhaps you could try dividing them into same gender groups; first have the girls do the movement while the boys do the signing, then reverse.  
  • consider using a parachute and inviting the children to create large group movements that illustrate the prayer.
  • My guess is that the boys will be more open to it than you might think, if the right tools are available and if you set it up as a worshipful experience. 

Reply offered by Lisa


  • Try Jazz Chants. (Editors note: Google "jazz chant"). We are doing this right now with a different story, and adding rhythm instruments. 



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