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The Lord's Prayer Reader's Theater (Or Puppet) Script

The Lord’s Prayer According to Fric and Frac

Characters: Fric the Proper Teacher (1) and Frac the Sassy Kid (2)

Fric is a very proper teacher who keeps being interrupted by Frac, a sassy little kid. The kid is played by a teen, preferably a girl who can act rather daffy. Think Elmo on Sesame Street and you’ve got the tone and attitude.

The purpose of the reader’s theater script is to introduce a lesson on Lord’s Prayer to a group gathered around Fric. Frac takes up her place among the other kids but near Fric making quite a scene so the younger children are clued in that this is a put-on. Fric grows increasingly impatient with Frac.

After the script might be a good time to help define some words in the Lord's Prayer.


1 Hello everybody, I’d like to read to you the world’s most famous prayer, the Lord’s Prayer and talk about it
with you. Does anybody know how it begins?. Yes, that’s right, we start by praying the words: Our Father who
art in heaven
2 Excuse, me, excuse me
1 Yes,
2 Who is Art? Is God’s name Art? I never heard God called Art before.
1 What in the world are you talking about?
2 O Father Art in heaven?
1 No, no, I’m afraid you’ve misundertood, Art is a fancy way of saying “who is in heaven”
2 I don’t know
1 You don’t know what?
2 I don’t know who is in heaven. Probably a lot of angels and dead people and stuff, but I’ve never been there
so can’t say for sure.

1 No, no,’s our Father Art, I mean, Our Father who are- is- was and will always be in heaven.

2 No he isn’t.
1 He isn’t what?
2 He’s right here too (pointing to heart).

1 Moving right along.... Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name.

2 O so now you say God’s name is “hallowed”.... so which one is it? Hallowed or Art? Is anybody else

1 It’s neither.
2 Then why do you keep saying it is. Look, why not just say Our Father in heaven.
1 Because that’s not the way Jesus said it.
2 Oh, Jesus said it that way?
1 Uh huh.
2 Well....I guess he would know. Continue on...

1 Our Father who “is” in heaven, hallowed by thy name
2 (tapping on shoulder)
1 Yes, what?
2 What does Hallowed mean?
1 It’s an old word that means special, great, awesome.
2 Then why didn’t you just say so?
1 I just did —Our father who art in heaven “hallowed”
2 special, great and awesome!
1 BE thy name.

2 Thy? What kind of word is thy?
1 (dirty look)
2 Never mind.
1 Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
2 Thy thy thy....Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, why do you keep saying thy?
1 Because....
2 I know, I know....because ”Jesus” said it that way
1 Well no, actually he didn’t.
2 Oh, then why do you?
1 Because that’s the way it’s printed in the version of the Bible we use.
2 Oh.
1 Yeah, “Oh.” Can I continue?
2 If you must.
1 Oh I must, believe me, I might even.....
2 Now now’s prayer time.

1 Yes, “prayer time” now where was I, oh yes, Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.
2 They rhyme ya know.
1 What rhymes?
2 Thy kingdom COME thy will be DONE. It rhymes.
1 (Dirty look and sigh) On earth as it is in heaven. (Stares at other)
2 What?
1 Well aren’t you going to stay something about that too?
2 No.
1 Don’t you wonder what “on earth as it is in heaven means” ??
2 Not if you don’t.

1 Arrrggg. Give us this day our daily bread.
2 (Raise hand)
1 Yes. What is it now?
2 Give us our day our “daily” bread. What does that mean?
1 It means give us what we need to live today Lord.
2 Then why didn’t you just say so?
1 Because it’s a poem and poems often say things in flowery ways.
2 I thought you said it was a prayer. Now you’re saying it’s a flower?
1 No, I mean yes, I mean -poems and prayers are often alike.
2 Oh, you mean like, “roses are red, violets are blue, if you don’t get going, you won’t get through?”
1 Exactly.... Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us.
(looks and waits for other to respond)
2 Well I know what that means. What do you think I am, stupid? (snort snort)

1 And lead us not into temptation....
2. What’s THAT ?
1 It’s what you’re doing right now?
2 What?
1 Leading me into temptation
2. Ohhhh, never mind.

1. But deliver us from evil
2 (pointing to self and shaking head “no” as in “I’m not evil” and acting contrite)

1 For thine
2. Wha—
1 It means “yours,” thine means “yours.”
2 Continue.

1. the kingdom
2 is what?
1 for THINE is the kingdom, and the power and glory forever. Ah--
2 -MEN.....see there, now that wasn’t so hard, was it?
1 (shaking head)

=the end=

Permission granted for non-commercial use, local church use only.

Member Review:
Posted by KArmstrong on January 20, 2004

We used the skit in our Lord's Prayer Rotation that we're currently doing. Our minister does a Children's Focus during every service where he sits on the steps to the altar and the children sit on the church floor all around him.To present this skit, we met at the church on a weekday afternoon and used a videotape to produce a "children's focus" wherein our minister and two of my children had the dialogue (or a version of it) of the skit. I then edited, to take out the laughter, and made a tape that we have shown weekly in our Rock of Ages Stages workshop. The kids have really enjoyed seeing our own minister (and my kids) on tape. Next week is the last week before our minister moves on to another parish...what a great keepsake for us all as well!!


A script written by Neil MacQueen
Venice, FL

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