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Reply to "Special Lighting Effects. Shining efects, "Galaxy," "Nebula," "Stars" "Night time""

Here's a quick way to project a star or stars onto the ceiling for your story.


I looked at a number of "how to" videos on this, and here are my keys:

  1. Make sure the tube or roll of paper covers the entire flashlight, otherwise the light leakage will run the effect.

  2. If you have a large flashlight, you can roll cardstock into a cone shape, tape it, then tape the aluminum foil over the small end and use the large end of the cone to cover your flashlight.

  3. Use a high lumens flashlight to create bright stars at a distance. 600 lumens or higher. 

  4. LED flashlights with more than one light-emitting diode will unfortunately produce multiple stars for each hole you poke in the foil.  For best effect, use a flashlight with only ONE light bulb or one LED.

    Example:  Here's a star I projected onto our blue nebula effect (described in the post above). Notice it has three stars even though I only poked one hole in the foil. That's because my flashlight had three LEDs in it and each created its own projection. If you only want one star, use a flashlight with only one LED or bulb.


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