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Making Wise Choices! Proverbs for Today (5 short video clip lessons)

We've taken the 5 wonderful (and short) video clips about the "Proverbs for Kids" found on YouTube and featured in our Proverbs lesson forum -- and turned them into 5 PDF lessons that your families can open on their computer, tablet, or smart TV to view the videos and discuss them together.

 In addition to having the videos embedded for easy clicking and viewing, each PDF has several family-friendly discussion questions, a prayer, and a fun follow-up activity

The videos come from, are hosted by elementary-age kids, and are quite ecumenical. "Making Wise Choices" - with an emphasis on being kind, is the theme of the videos. It's an especially timely message and reminder for today's stressful times and challenging issues.

 View all five video clips here in our Proverbs Lesson Forum along with an earlier version of the questions and follow-up activities -- ALL of which have been updated and improved in the PDFs.

We recommend showing #1 first and then using the others as separate at-home lessons. They're all good! ...and each lesson should take about 10 to 15 minutes.

Here are the five PDF lessons to share:

Save them to your computer and email or post them to your families.
They have the videos linked in them along with the Q's and activities 

1. An Introduction to Proverbs: "Choosing God's Wisdom"

2. How to Be a Wise Kid & The Importance of Kindness

3. Life's Big Choices: "If it honors God then it's a wise choice"

4. How God's Wisdom Walks Beside Us and Can Steer Us from Danger

5. How does each of the animals described in Proverbs 30 teach us what is wise? 

Here's a screenshot of what the PDFs look like:



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