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Posted by Neil MacQueen:

I love teaching with maps!

Abingdon's Bible Maps for Children, Abingdon Press, 1996, ISBN: 0687026172. (still available online). Description: Set of color Bible maps that come stapled in a large book. You're supposed to pull the staples out and display the posters. They are about 18"x24" in size. Some of the maps contain illustrations, such as the one about Abraham's journey. I've found that the key to getting maps used (other than writing use into the lesson plan) is to get them permanently hung where teachers and kids can see them. Storing them in a file cabinet is a waste. I've had my maps mounted on foam core board and they have a hanger on them. Easy to pull off the wall for discussion and they make good decorations too.

Bible Maps Collection from Peterli
can be purchased at https://bayardfaithresources.c.../maps-of-bible-lands
These are Large, Colorful, Kid-friendly. Modern-looking Bible Maps
Perfect for hanging in the classroom and using in your lessons. Each is 22″ x 32″, printed on HEAVY paper, and includes a free teaching guide with the maps. All four are sold as a set, they are:
1. The Exodus and the Exile
2. The Land Where Jesus Lived
3. Jerusalem in Jesus’ Time
4. Early Christian Communities

(See Neil's article about teaching with Bible maps found further down in this forum.)

Posted by Jan FPC Napa:

Free Bible Images and Maps to Print
They have the following maps:

  • Powerpoint Bible Atlas Maps
    40 maps of the Old and New Testament in PowerPoint format. This is our most popular item and it is FREE. There were over 7,000 downloads in the first 70 days! We use it to promote our site. Download it and share it with your friends! Requires Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • New Testament Maps
    Israel in Jesus' Time, Paul's Missionary Journeys, etc.  Most of these are based on NASA satellite images. These are JPG samples from the free PowerPoint Bible Atlas listed above.
  • Old Testament Maps
    Exodus Map, Israel Tribes, etc.  Most of these are based on NASA satellite images. These are JPG samples from the free PowerPoint Bible Atlas listed near the top of this page.

Posted by Rhonda b:


  • Over 150 Maps and charts are now downloadable and can be purchased individually for as little as $1.50 each or in category sets at a savings of 25%.
  • Maps and images are suitable for printing high-resolution, full-page copies or for inserting into PowerPoint for high resolution, full-screen projection. In most cases when purchasing maps, you will receive both a labeled map and an unlabeled map. These maps/charts are in PDF format. You will need Adobe's Acrobat Reader to open, print and copy these files.
    (Update: What's included in each download: 1 PDF, 2 PNG files for PowerPoint, and 2 gray-scale PNG files
  • Each map is interactive in that you can click on any map city, feature or site and Bible-based "pop-up" information appears. In fact, there are over 400 pages of information contained in the program, and you can add your own information based on your own studies. Because we use vector images, the print output is breathtaking.
  • 12 Animated Maps (UPDATE: Now sold as MP4 movie file downloads, each 1-2 minutes in duration at $2.50 each.) Map animations of the exodus, the conquest of Canaan, Jonah, and Paul's four journeys.

Posted by Debbie Fisher:

Then and Now Bible Maps by Rose Publishing, 1997, ISBN: 096550820X. Description: Trying to connect the "Middle East" of the six o'clock news with the Holy Land of the Bible? Here's a resource that fills in the blanks! Transparent maps of modern-day Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries lie flat over Bible maps showing the lands and cities where the patriarchs, Jesus, and the apostle Paul traveled. Tremendously helpful! 20 pages, spiralbound hardcover.

Then and Now Bible Map Overhead Transparencies, Rose Publishing' 1997, ISBN: 096550823. Description: Peel away layers of time as you turn back clear plastic overlays of modern cities and countries to reveal ancient biblical places. Features twelve 8.5" x 11" transparencies, including the Middle East during modern and ancient times, Israel during Jesus' time, Paul's journeys, the united and divided kingdoms, and more.

Posted by Jan FPC Napa:

Reproducible Maps, Charts, Time Lines & Illustrations, Gospel Light, 1989, ISBN: 0830719385. Out of print, copies currently still available online. DESCRIPTION: Is a great resource. We got ours through our local Family Christian Store. It's very thorough and includes everything in the title ... and we like that it is reproducible.
Biblical timelines, an inside view of Solomon's Temple, or a map of Rome.

Posted by Lynn C Wood:

Bible Maps Online
I just found a great site for Biblical maps:
The maps are detailed, some topographical, some general, some very specific (Assyria in the 7th Century BCE).

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