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MISC RESOURCES and CREATIVE IDEAS for teaching Joseph's Story


This thread has been collecting "ideas for Joseph" for many years and we invite you to add your great lesson ideas for teaching Joseph.

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But... if you have a complete workshop lesson plan, please add it in the correct Workshop thread in this Joseph forum.

This thread contains some Teacher Background and Resources notes as well.

Gingerbread Family Tree

For the idea of a gingerbread family tree, I thought Jell-o Jiggler people would be a lot of fun, too. Kids could cut them out with cookie cutters and decorate them with whipped cream and red vines. It could be a good oppotrunity to review how the stories in Genesis are connected.

Note: How did the brother's have "spines like jello" when it came to standing up for their brother?

Joseph's Coat

Posted by Lisa M.

We are in the process of making a Joseph's coat of many colors from donated used neckties. The children cut the back seam of the ties, remove any lining and lie them flat. They also trace and cut out double faced interfacing. Then they decide where the fabric should go and an adult irons the ties in place. When all groups are done, a seamstress trims up the rough edges and makes a complete coat -- it's looking very interesting.

Posted by Krista Lovell

Want art to be "the process" instead of the result?
For the story of Joseph we did marbelizing. Mixing the colors and watching the swirls change was a great way to illustrate all the changes in Joseph's life! We swirled for most of the lesson time, then made our prints. Again, the lesson was in the process - not the "finished product".

The process of using shaving cream is described at

Here's another good site

and from it I quote:

  • You can do shaving cream marbling with just about any paints, not just liquid watercolors. We’ve done this with tempera paints, BioColors, food coloring, and acrylics. BioColors and liquid watercolors work especially well, though.
  • Scraping the shaving cream off the paper right away is important. You don’t want to let the shaving cream soak into the paper. It’ll get gunky and stain the paper.


"Boasting Bubbles"
Posted by Julie Grendahl

...we discussed how boastful Joseph was. We created "boasting bubbles" on the tables. Students used straws to blow mounds of shortlived bubbles of what we boast about. A lot of creating with nothing to show for it! The kids loved it!

Moderator adds: here are a couple of websites on making table top bubbles.

"Talesin the Temple Tent"
cdale posted:

We are just completing our Joseph rotation and here is what we did. Our first site (workshop) was the "Tales in the Temple Tent".

On the first rotation Sunday, Bahiti, the Egyptian storyteller, who had been a young girl in Potiphar's house and thus met Joseph and knew his story, invited the children in for a full 45 minute story telling session. I (as Bahiti) had props to go along with the story such as a colored coat, sheaves of grain, wooden star, a plate of grapes we passed around when discussing the butler's dream, etc. It was amazing how well the students stayed focused and loved the telling of the story.

We had 2 sets of rotation, three weeks each. The first set had the children visiting a map making site where they plotted Joseph's journey, a Mattress Factory where they layed on air matresses and talked about dreams, and Potiphar's house of games, where an obstacle course was set up (complete with a pit and some brothers to toss the kids into it) to emphasize all the obstacles Joseph faced.

The second set of sites was Joseph's coat factory where everyone got to make a colored coat, a Big Brother's Bakery where they learned about grain and then baked a treat, and the Pyramid Theatre where they got to act out various scenes from the story.

Each Sunday throughout the rotation the students started in the tent where we quizzed them about last week's lesson and practiced two songs from the Amazing DreamCoat video. Also, we had handouts to go home each week (quiz/coloring/word search) and if the students brought them back they got to pick from a box of prizes (dollar store!). This really kept them involved throughout the week. Next Sunday we are doing a presentation for the congregation and every student will participate and then receive a Certificate for completion of the series. The certificate awards them dreamer status and states: This certificate awarded to "Bethany the Dreamer", etc.

They have learned so much! Last week a three year, when the question of where to locate the story of Joseph in the Bible, called out "Genesis 37"! Hope this helps.

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