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Posted by Stephen Johnson from Pecan Grove Church, Greenville, Texas

Get a few sheets of foam posterboard, preferably brown or black. Spraypaint them with a foamy white paint. You don't want to completly cover the surface with white paint but get more of a stone look.

Teach the kids about Hieroglyphics and how the ancient drawings help us understand more about history.

Tell them the story of Joseph using colorful language and emphasizing objects in the story.

Challenge the kids to come up with Hieroglyphic art to depict the story of Joseph. Have them start their work on paper.

Now give them each a toothpick and let them scratch their Hieroglyphics onto the prepared posterboards.

Archeology: Sand Dig 

Posted by Stephen Johnson from Pecan Grove Church, Greenville, Texas

Gather several items to represent spots in the story of Joseph. Be creative here:

Spool of Thread: Used when making the coat of many colors
Toy Handcuffs: Joseph was put in these when thrown into jail
Silver Cup: The one "stolen" from Joseph by his brothers
A ring: The right Joseph wore and used for a seal...

Next you'll get a large container and fill it with sand. Hide all you items at different layers while you fill it.

NOTE: Sand is heavy so don't put all this together until you are in your teaching room. You'll also want to put down a blanket or tarp - as this may get messy!

Spend some time at the beginning of class discussing the science of Archeology. You might find a good childrens book about it so you can show them pictures of a real dig. Discuss how archeologist are careful when unearthing new finds. Discuss some of the findings which support stories in the Bible.

Next tell them a brief overview of the story of Joseph - touching on each part of the story you have an artifact for.

Now hand out tools. You can use plastic spoons, toothbrushes, whatever you have that will work. Let the kids work one at a time removing the sand and putting it in another container until they find an artifact. When they find something have them switch to the toothbrush and carefully remove it.

As each artifact is removed - tell them more details of the story. Use the artifact to show them how it would have been used.

2005 is our first rotation year - and this was one of their favorite activities so far.

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