MISC Workshop lessons and idea for teaching the Adam and Eve story

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Science or Storytelling Workshop:

Is this a SCIENCE Workshop?
Or are these things you could pull out during a STORYTELLING workshop for interactivity? How about both?

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Have the kids imagine the different smells of Eden:

Tell story of Adam and Eve through smells.


Smell of:

  1. dirt - (formed into Adam)
  2. streams which watered the whole surface of the ground. (running cold water quickly into the shower at the church behind the boys room, or pouring much water into a bucket, so that kids smell water)
  3. trees that were "good for food" -= fruit trees. Let them smell and guess different fruit smells.
  4. Gen 2:10 - "aromatic resin [f] and onyx are also there". - smell of aromatic resin. Maybe take resin used for violin bows.
  5. Adam named animals - smell of animals? (skunk, pigs, goats, horse or cow dung?, fish, we could bring bunny, and bring some rocks from our fish tank)
  6. Eve was formed - smell of Eve - I saw there's an "All About Eve Perfume for Women" by Joop! You could pretend that's what Adam smelled when he first met Eve.
  7. Mystery fruit (from Tree of knowledge of good and evil)smell of passionfruit or something kids don't know. Weird fruits can be found at international grocery.
  8. Smell of fig leaves, or at least figs, which they can smell and eat.
  9. thorns and thistles, maybe the ones with the pink flowers.
  10. Sweat of the brow. Don't tell them its your sweat; keep them guessing. Collect after your workout, or salt water if you prefer.
  11. Animal skin, which covered Adam and Eve. Maybe a deer or rabbit fur.
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