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Fall Writing Team Update 

Psalm 23 SheepAfter several weeks of brainstorming, Pam, Carol, Dawn, Nancy, Neil, Luanne, and Amy -our Fall Writing Team, have entered the lesson plan writing phase of Psalm 23. Psalm 23 is perhaps the most well-known passage in the Bible, and thus, our writers are writing creative lessons that help kids REMEMBER the psalm. The set will be available by the end of the year. View the Team's Menu of Lesson Sets.

Interested in volunteering for the Writing Team? Email Neil. We have another Team forming in January. Members of the Team participate in a brainstorming and lesson writing process that taps the collective creativity of the group. Working with our Lead Writer and other experienced lesson writers, you will learn new ways of thinking about lessons, developing lesson activities, and writing for others. No formal experience required, just teaching experience!

New Teacher Training Handout 

How to Unpack Bible Metaphors with Children
Until recently it was believed that children don't have the abstract thinking capacity to understand metaphors like "Jesus is the bread of life," and that children are stuck in the "concrete" developmental stage. This article shows how that thinking has changed and includes four simple steps that teachers can use to "unpack" Bible metaphors with children.

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