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Reply to "ART and CONSTRUCTION Workshop Lessons & Ideas for Ezra &/or Nehemiah"

Naming the "Gates" at Your Church


Here's a fun idea for a Workshop from Neil MacQueen:  

  • Naming the DOORS (Gates) in your church with "functional" metaphorical names.


Nehemiah's crew rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, and those walls had very important GATES in them which are referenced throughout the Bible:


  • Fish Gate
  • East Gate (aka "Golden Gate Jesus rode a donkey through)
  • Horse Gate
  • Water Gate
  • Fountain Gate
  • Dung Gate
  • Valley Gate
  • Sheep Gate


So what could your kids rename the "doors" in your church's building?


  • Gate of the Children?
  • Pastor's Gate?


And what fun Bible verses could be quoted on some of those signs?


This could be a fun opportunity for a Bible Skills and Games Workshop to hit the concordances and Bible Dictionaries.


How about a gate called the "Eye of the Needle" which is narrow and quotes Jesus on the rich man trying to go through the eye of the needle with all his wealth.

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