About Rotation.org's State-of-the-art "responsive" design

We re-launched rotation.org with all new "responsive" code in late 2015.

Here's that announcement and explanation of why "responsive" = "awesome."

We know how frustrating it can be to view a website that doesn't adjust or "respond" to our phones and tablet screens. 

  • Unreadable fonts
  • Layout that blows past your screen edge
  • Lots of pinching and zooming
  • Functions that don't work
  • Images that blow up your screen
  • Navigational buttons that are so tiny or so big they ruin what's on the page
  • Slow loading pages on your phone's internet connection
  • ...and on and on.

And yet, half of all websites are now visited by people on their smartphones and tablets. 

Rotation.org's all-new "responsive" code answers all those problems.

As of December of 2015, no matter what type of computing device or screen size you use, our new responsive site:

♥ CONTENT responds and adjusts to your screen

♥ FONTS stay readable without having to pinch and zoom

♥ LOADS faster (a blessing for phones and data plans)

♥ And every built-in function works on every browser and device 

Our site content now properly re-aligns to the orientation and proportional size of your tablet or smartphone screen:


There are lots of other neat tricks our site now does to improve your browsing...

For example, did you notice the Blue Menu Bar now sticks to the top of your browser screen as you scroll down the page on your desktop or laptop?  In the old days, you would have had to scroll up to find the main navigational options.

That same navigational menu gets out of the way on your smartphone or tablet, becoming the standard 3 line menu icon (humorously called a "hamburger")  in the upper left corner of your smaller screen.

Trick your desktop browser into showing you how our site will "respond" to your smartphone or tablet...

Resize* your browser window to make the window smaller, and watch how the menus and content blocks reorganize themselves in your smaller window.


*Resize means making the browser window smaller, rather than using your browser's "zoom" feature.

From an administrative perspective...

Our new code is much more CUSTOMIZABLE and STABLE from the admin side of the site. That means we have more control over the look, layout, features, and behaviors.

From a code perspective..

Our site is now 100% "HTML5" enabled --built to the latest web code standards.

A Big Thank You goes to our Supporting Members!

Their annual membership contribution pays for the terrific site software that runs rotation.org, and our webmaster's time to customize it.

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