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Reply to "HOW TO do Online and At-Home Sunday School, "ZOOM," Ways to Connect with Kids"

Regarding "how" are churches reaching and teaching kids during the Coronavirus crisis...

One of the things we can do is direct families to existing resources already available to them, such as Bible movies on Netflix and Amazon and Cable TV, and then put out some discussion suggestions and invite feedback or discussion via a Zoom meeting or Facebook postings.

I'm going to post these specific resources over in the IDEAS for at-home Sunday School, but also want to share them here as examples of some good movies families can watch.

Movies to Watch and Discuss for "At Home Sunday School" this Holy Week and Easter...


Jesus Christ Superstar (the movie)

I've watched it and taught with it MANY times with kids and youth. They love it. It's currently on NETFLIX and available for rent on Amazon as well.

Pose questions, then invite people to watch it at home and post their comments online at your church's Facebook page, or text you their comments.

Supporting Members can see and print's exclusive scene by scene guide. It includes insights. Good tool for posing questions too.

SON OF GOD (the movie)

Terrific depiction of a friendly and compelling Jesus. We use scenes from it all the time in our lessons.

Watch and discuss. Share your comments with others at your church. Pose questions to viewers.

Currently available on Amazon Prime to rent (might be free when we get to Easter)

Prince of Egypt (the movie about the Exodus by Dreamworks)

Good animated movie for kids about Moses and the Exodus. Good music too.

Currently playing on Amazon Prime and Hulu (may have a rental fee).

See's "Teaching with Secular Movies" article and discussion. It has many suggestions.

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