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Reply to "HOW TO do Online and At-Home Sunday School, "ZOOM," Ways to Connect with Kids"

Even as things start to open up in some states, some families are still reluctant to join in for a variety of reasons.  And in my church we are finding that families are overwhelmed with online stuff (although now that the school year is wrapping up, that may change). So our church has encouraged the Sunday school teachers to send old-fashioned snail mail to children

I am on my third mailing to my preschool and kindergarten friends. This time I am sending elephant jokes (my favorite!). I am attaching a notecard that I made using a coloring sheet from and jokes from here (Aren't they the best?)  I attached my docs, in case you want to use one. 


In my previous mailings I sent small gifts I knitted in the early days of stay at home time (spring chickens and bunnies).  I also found a bunch of greeting cards I purchased long ago in Japan that had small kites attached that I used for a mailing. 

All of my notes have been handwritten (fingers crossed parents can decipher my handwriting....). Plus i have included a Bible verse coloring sheet with my letters and talked about my favorite Bible story, too. 

Letters have been well received and some kids even sent letters back!  

I am thinking about getting seed packets for my next mailing (although it is getting late in the season in Louisiana for starting new plants....).

And there are more ideas for reaching out to children in this Paste in My Hair printable on connecting outside the classroom


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