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Storytelling Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities: 

The story of Creation as told by Wisdom (based on Proverbs 8:22-31) - a guided visualization (see script below).


Scripture Reference:

Genesis 1 - 2:4

Leader preparation:

  • Read the scripture ahead of time.

Supplies List:

  • Sound of the ocean CD
  • “Before All Time” from Gospel Light VBS 1998 and “Sonlight Island” songs.



Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and Introduce yourself.


Dig- Main Content and Reflection


Lesson Plan: 
Darken the room slightly, and play a tape of the sound of the ocean. Ask the kids to close their eyes, if they are willing, and listen. This monologue is based on Proverbs 8, Job 38, Wisdom of Solomon 7.

“I am Wisdom - the Wisdom of God who created you and all the universe. I am a breath of the power of God, pure spirit coming forth from God Almighty, a mirror reflecting all the work of God, an image of God’s goodness. I am the firstborn of Creation. Before the beginning of the earth, I was there. Before God shaped the mountains,

I was there. Before God drew a circle around the seas so that the water might not overflow its banks, God created me. God created the universe through God’s Wisdom, so that all Creation reflects the goodness of God. I was there when God made the earth with its fields.

I watched, while God made firm the skies above and established fountains of water in the depths of the ocean. I delighted in the humans God made and rejoiced in the beauty of the world. Sometimes you humans believe that you can know all the ways of God. Sometimes you think you understand God’s will. But I tell you, how can you understand al the ways of God? Were you there when God laid the foundation of the earth? Can you number the grains of sand, or the drops of water in the ocean? Is it by human wisdom that the hawk soars in the air, or the horse runs like the wind? God’s ways are not like human ways. And God’s thoughts are not like human thoughts.

Trust in God and follow the way of God’s Wisdom. Listen for God’s Word and respect everything that God has made. God created all things for good and for life. God mourns at the destruction of any living thing. Be happy that you are created in God’s image. God has made you humans to be caretakers of all things. Cherish the earth and all living beings. Everywhere you look in the world, you can see the reflection of God’s love. Remember that, and thank God every day for the great gift of Creation.”

Theme Song: “Before All Time” from Gospel Light VBS 1998, “Sonlight Island.” This song is beautiful and has hand movements to go with the words.



Have the children reflect on what they've just heard and close with a prayer.

Editor's Note:
"Wisdom" doing the speaking is a device used often in scripture and Jewish tradition.

Word is another way to say Wisdom. In the Gospel of John, Creation comes into existence through God's Word. And the Word became flesh.


A lesson written by Rhonda from: St. James Presbyterian Church

Mechanicsburg, PA


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