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Peter Sinks, Jesus Saves! – Lessons for Families at Home

It is an overwhelming time in our world right now, and we and our families may be experiencing some—or many—doubts and fears.

We may be wondering what we can do to overcome the fears and the threats and the sin in our lives. This story of Jesus and Peter walking on the water teaches us that, just like Peter, we can’t do this on our own. But we have a God who can save us…a God who grabs hold of us and will not let us go. Jesus knows that we doubt and have “little faith”—He doesn’t tell us to “get our act together” but reaches out to us with His gifts.

We sink. That’s what we do. Jesus saves. That’s what He does.

Below are 5 "at-home" lessons about Peter Sinks, Jesus Saves!

They are based on the Writing Team's original in-class lessons and have been shortened and adapted for home use. (Each of these lessons is available as a PDF that Supporting Members can easily share with members of your church.)

  • “3D Hands” Art Lesson: Make and color a “3D” picture of Christ’s hand reaching out to save Peter, as a reminder that Jesus reaches out to save us—even when we fear and doubt. See the lesson below or download and share the pdf.


  • Boat and Butter Cooking Lesson: Fill a "boat" container with heavy cream, and then shake, rattle and roll your boat through a variety of story-related situations. The cream changes to butter, just like our faith changes and grows when we are part of God’s family (the Church). See the lesson below or download and share the pdf.



  • Water Workshop Lesson: Gather around "The Sea of Galilee" (a bathtub or wading pool) to re-tell the story with an extra focus on the meaning of the waves and boat in the story. See the lesson below or download and share the pdf.


  • Matching and Mad Libs Games Lesson: Play a memory card matching game with pictures of the story—but you can only turn cards over to try and make a match after answering a question about the story. You will also come up with a “Jesus version” of Psalm 46, complete with some of your own fill-in-the-blanks. See the lesson below or download and share the pdf.


For adults who want to dig a little deeper into the study of this story, we recommend our Bible Background.

Note that these lesson plans are open to our amazing Supporting Members who help make our website and its resources possible. Thank you!


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