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Reply to "Pillar of Fire and Smoke Ideas & Discussion"

Pillar of Fire Art

What about the an actual "night light" type project for Pillar of Fire? Maybe an inexpensive flashlight with some type of orange and red tissue paper. However, it would have to be simple because of the ages. Instead of individual projects at this age, maybe a group project -- giving them small pieces of tissue to glue onto a cut-out side of a large box that has been covered with sturdy plastic. (plexiglass?) You can get heavy sheets of plastic cut to exact sizes. 

When the project is complete, you can place a bright flashlight, etc. inside and let the kiddos look at the "pillar of fire" with the classroom lights off. (needs a lot of work to refine this "hair brained" thought) 

Crayon Melt Project(An Individual Project): Each child makes a "story folder"


  • manila file folder
  • sheet of blue paper
  • sheet of black paper
  • white crayons
  • a few grey crayons for accents
  • orange and red crayons

Teacher materials:

  • waxed paper
  • iron
  • towel and hard surface away from children
  • an adult who does nothing but iron (and stays by the iron so children will not get burned)
  • glue


  1. Children use orange and red crayons to color a cloud onto the black sheet of paper
  2. Adult places a piece of waxed paper over the "cloud" and irons it so the crayons melt somewhat
  3. Children use white, with small amount of grey, crayons to color a cloud on the blue sheet of paper
  4. Adult irons the blue sheet
  5. When sheet is cool (doesn't take long), glue the blue sheet on one side of the manila folder (inside).
  6. Glue the black sheet to the other side of the folder (inside). 

Retell the Bible story and encourage the children to hold up or point to the correct side of their folder as the story mentions the could by day and pillar of fire by night.

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