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Reply to "Pillar of Fire and Smoke Ideas & Discussion"

The following 'review' of the lesson ideas here was posted by Neil MacQueen during this forum's renovation. Reviewers suggested that Neil's review of the lesson be included with the posted ideas as a means of sharing how Rotation teachers/writers look at GOOD ideas in a post, and begin to question/modify the ideas for their own purposes.

We invite you to RESPOND TO THESE POSTS to flesh out the possibilities.

Originally posted by Neil MacQueen:

The ideas in this thread are good example of ideas that could be ADAPTED by a STORYTELLER to make the storyteller's words more visual and engaging.

For Pillar of Fire...
The idea of a flashlight is a good quickie prop in a storyteller's hands, but as an "activity", it is a bit underwhelming for older kids. But it DOES raise to this lesson writer the question: WHAT WAS, and how WOULD you depict pillar of fire, ie, the iluminating presence of God, in our storytelling?

How does God show his presence out ahead of us today?

Artists have classically depicted the pillar as something "big" in the sky. But some Jewish scholars suggest it originally described the smoking fire pot carried by the priests from Tabernacle location to Tabernacle location. The coals from the altar.

This makes me wonder: Is there a material like INCENSE that could be used in this lesson to help enhance the students' lesson memory by involving their senses?

And regarding the "torchlight-pilar procession of God's presence in this story,
I there some way to depict "fire" in the dark of a classroom -that's better than flashlights- to add a true sensory quality to the retelling and mory of this story? Flaslights would be the "backup" idea. I'd be looking for something more dramatic, and perhaps, something the KIDS could help create/provide/act with.

How and WHERE God is leading today?

Where's the Smoke up ahead marking the trail?

Where's the Light in the Darkness?

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