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Creative Names for Sunday School and Workshops ~Post yours here!


Creative Names for Sunday School "Workshop" Classrooms and Programs

Our members have been sharing their creative names for their "workshops" (classrooms) and Sunday School program for many years here at You're welcome to share yours by replying.

It's common for Rotation Model-style Sunday Schools to come up with inviting and whimsical names for their "workshops" and even rename their entire Sunday School based on a theme to reflect changes they have implemented and become more appealing to kids and families. A "workshop" is a classroom that is outfitted and decorated around one particular method of teaching, such as art or cooking or drama.  In the Rotation Model, classes "rotate" to a new workshop each week and the teachers stay put. Each workshop teaches the same Bible story for 4 to 5 weeks at a time so that the kids develop a great memory and understanding of the story through many different learning approaches. As you will read below in our lists of names, some workshop or Sunday School names are based on something peculiar about their church, such as its location on a hill or by the sea. Other names use words like "Trek" or "Discovery" to rebrand the Sunday School and give it a thematic motif. See the follow-up article by Neil about "naming cautions."

Learn more about "workshops" and how the Rotation Model works.

See our collection of photos of creative classrooms and signage!

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