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Reply to "Creative Names for Sunday School and Workshops ~Post yours here!"

Posted by Kathy Davis 


Our church is Bethlehem U.C.C., so we are working off of the Bethlehem theme.


We painted our main room like a courtyard (each wall looks like a different building in old time Bethlehem - a stucco look with cracks and just a few bricks painted here and there) we will have a "well" that we will gather at each week. The individual rooms are:

The storytelling room is like you are walking into a huge tent and we call it Tent Tales.

The Drama room will have different backdrops on each wall: a seascape, a meadow, a mountain and a dessert - this is called The Stars of Bethlehem (the kids are the Stars).

The Art room is Noah's Art and will be painted like you are standing on the deck of the ark. The art stools will be painted in various animal prints.

The Theater will be BibleMax Theater.

The computer room is

The Kitchen is The Bethlehem Bread Co., and will be painted in the same colors as the St. Louis Bread Co./Panera's restaurants.

The Bible Skills/Games will be Dave & Goliath's (instead of Dave & Buster's) and we will paint a D&G on the wall similar to the Dave & Busters logo.

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