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Reply to "Creative Names for Sunday School and Workshops ~Post yours here!"

our Sunday school, which is preschool thru 5th grade is called The Daily Bread Cafe. our workshops are:

Cooking - Ruth's Kitchen
Movies/Drama - Abraham's Tent
Storytelling - The Dining Room (we use the sanctuary of the church for this one)
Art - We never got around to naming this one!

Our youth group (middle school/high school) called themselves the Bread of Life Lounge and they are known as the Lounge Lizards for the Lord.

Next year we are going to explore the Laws and guidelines God set down for us to live by, such as the 10 Commandments; the Beattitudes; the fruit of the spirit. Our theme, since we are in Montana, is going to be a ranch. We came up with the Promised Land Ranch. The kids are going to be Wranglers for the Word; Teachers are Trailbosses. Our cooking workshop is Jake's Chuckwagon; our Storytelling/Drama is going to be the Rainbow Corral; our Art workshop is Friendship Trail. We still have some names to come up with for the Ranch house and the Bunk house, so if anyone has any ideas, please pass them along! We are having fun with this new style of Sunday school and the kids like it so much better than what was being done before. Thanks for the wealth of information on this site!

Bea - Hope Lutheran Church
Anaconda, MT

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