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My Sunday School Google Classroom during the Pandemic

I have been delivering Jr. Church lessons to the children during the pandemic using many parts of's Lessons and other sources via our Junior Church on "Google Classroom."

BTW, the parents and children are very excited to have the Google Classroom and access to the Rotation Lessons.  The lesson I delivered to the children this week is one I wrote.

I like to deliver the written lessons IN-PERSON to member homes -- along with free coloring pages that I find online.

I enjoy the socially=safe personal contact with the children and their families each week. Sometimes I find additional free activities online that match my lessons, things like coloring pages, mazes, etc.  Sometimes I find free printable coloring pages, mazes, word finds, etc.  I place the resources in a plastic food storage bag (making sure I do so after using plenty of hand-sanitizer).

I add a treat to the lesson bag, such as bubble stuff, peanut free candy that is age appropriate, a package of cookies, a party favor that is age appropriate, or juice.

I thought someone else might like to use the lesson I wrote on prayer and have included my cover letter.  I like to write a personal message each week to each family.

I hope my attached letter and the lesson will be helpful to others. The first lesson we did in our Google Classroom was "on prayer."  (It is based on the "Teaching the Lord's Prayer and Practicing Prayer At Home" set of lessons.)

Here's another lesson on "Jonah and How Prayer Helps Us," attached below. In my Google Classroom for the Jr. Church I can load Power Points and stories, etc. that I create.  I am also able to give links to online sites for movies or games.  One really good site besides this one or Saddleback Kids is DLTK.  There are many. The two lessons on prayer were designed to be used one each week.  Since the parents are helping the children, especially the younger ones, my hope is that the parents will benefit too.  Some parents have given feedback and told me they and the children love the packaged lessons and the Google Classroom.

Sincerely, Jane Pait

A moderator improved the format and added a link to the lessons Jane shared in her Google classroom.


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