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Recommended Resources for Teaching Prayer to Children

Here are a few good ones. Please suggest those you have used and liked.

52 Ways to Teach Children to Pray
from Rainbow Publishers.
Available at and, among others.  Nicely written, brief reproducible lessons full of life application. 

See the "look inside" on Amazon for a preview of the reproducible pages in this book.

Prayer: The Foundation for Growing Closer to God, by Karen Henley, Illus.-Ed Koehler, Standard Publishing, 2000, ISBN: 0784712166.  OUT OF PRINT - but copies available from various online retailers.

Description: It's hard to talk to someone you can't see! Why should I pray to God? Does God hear every prayer I say? What am I supposed to pray about? Why do I sometimes feel like prayer doesn't help? This 13-week course for students ages 8-11 will help them grow closer to God, discover God's plan for their lives, learn about the great prayers from the Bible, use prayer journals, participate in a prayer chain, and guide kids to pray on their own. Perforated, reproducible pages help kids explore God's Word with small group discovery center ideas, large group discussions, activities, maps, games and more.


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