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More prayer resources and ideas:

Posted by JCarey:

Stained glass cross of prayers

I just thought that I would share an interesting prayer idea that came out of a brainstorm session with a friend. You create a large cross out of clear contact paper and ticky tac to a window (or wall and move it later). Peel the paper off. Offer colored cellophane pieces and permanent markers to kids to write their prayer requests on and then have them stick them on the cross. When the cross is completely filled in, hang it in a prominent window. A take-off of nailing your prayers to a wooden cross.

Reply by Lynn C Wood:

This stained glass prayer sounds like it would be beautiful!
We do something like this at our summer camp. In the chapel is a large clear window. We mark off a large cross. Each day the campers write prayer requests or praises or thanksgivings on post-its. We use the bright colored kind, 3-4 different colors. They stick the posit note on the window with in the cross outline. By the end of the week we have a beautiful multicolored cross and we are reminded of God's care in listening to all our prayers.

Lynn C Wood
Bream Memorial Presbyterian Church
Charleston, WV

Posted by WestPresGail in 2016:

Deep Blue Rotation Stations published by Cokesbury has a Spiritual Practices station which often incorporates prayer stations.  You can order the Spiritual Practices station separately if you don't want to order the entire unit. 

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