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Reply to "Prayer: Lesson Ideas and Resources"

Attached to this post is an article I wrote a few years back about Teaching "About" Prayer and Teaching "How to" Pray.  It has many teaching techniques for teaching about prayer and praying with your kids. Includes a teaching philosophy, and some do's and don'ts. I originally wrote it for my software website, so you can ignore those references if you like. 

Excerpts from the article:

Prayer Goals for Sunday School:

  1. We need to teach “about” prayer—what it is, why we pray, and the power of prayer.
  2. We need to demonstrate how to pray—the posture, the language, the subject matter, what to expect.
  3. We need to practice praying with children.
  4. We need to teach children how to remember to pray on their own.
  5. And we need to remember to pray for and with our children.

A Starter List of Guidelines for Classroom Prayer:

 Prayer in the Sunday School should not be left to the very end of every lesson.

 It should be participatory, without putting students on the spot.

 It should feature age-appropriate language and concerns.

  Prayer should include time for personal silent reflection. (After all, that’s how most of us pray).

  Prayers should be offered through a variety of creative approaches and expressions. (see my techniques below for ideas about this)

 Prayer should be prepared for and discussed. This includes pre-prayer briefing and de-briefing the prayer. (ex. “What should we pray for today?” “How would you say that in prayer?” And, “I noticed in your prayer that you said….”)

In the attached article you will find MORE techniques and ideas.

Ideas for Encouraging and Practicing Prayer

In one church where I served, we had families create colorful plastic prayer jars filled with all sorts of prayers, including prayers from other families in the church. These were very popular at the dinner table.

For a home clock, we created a sign on clear sticker paper that read, “Any time is a good time to talk to God.”

Create a Prayer “Mezuzah” for your bedroom doorposts. It's both biblical and fun. Cut a 4" piece of 1" PVC pipe and buy caps for each end. Decorate the tube with prayer encouragements/scripture/symbols. Write and place a special prayer inside. Add a small piece of double-sided tape to fix to the doorpost.  Alternately, search online for inexpensive mezuzahs for children and DIY mezuzahs.

Editor's note: See here for a lesson which makes clay Mezuzahs.

Pillow Prayer Pal: 
 Create a tiny book of blank pages and tie with string to a stuffed animal. Write prayer prompts on the pages: "I'm thankful for..." "Lord, help me to..." "Keep _____ (person) in my prayers."  Parents can add encouragements, gratitudes.


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