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Reply to "Prepare the Way/John the Baptist Advent (Christmas) ornament"

Thank you Ruth!  I love that you are taking the time to focus on JOHN in the Xmas story and that each of the elements in the ornament represents something about him.

When I first glanced at your photos, I thought you were making a "water filled" snow globe about John (water ⇒ baptism), and that made my fingers jump on google to see if there was such as thing as a "craft water-filled snow globe" out there that this ornament could be turned into. And there were actually quite a few options!  Hobby Lobby was selling one, as was Dollar Tree. I've also made them for "Jesus Calms the Storm" using baby food jars. I also found quite a few "how-to" craft sites and youtube videos showing various types of snow globe construction options and tips for those who want to do this. 

So thanks  for inspiring yet another way to focus on "John the Baptist" at Xmas (or thereafter). 

Two material ideas popped out of this "how-to make a globe" search:

1. Add glycerin to the water to make the glitter fall slowly. (Never knew that.)

2. There's a type of hardening craft clay called "polymer clay" that is essentially moldable plastic that hardens in the oven and won't disintegrate in a water-filled globe. Whether it was used with this John ornament or not, that type of clay is now  in my art brain. 



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