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Day One

Joseph and His Brothers 

Jesus is our foundation 

Main Story:
Abraham through beginning of Joseph’s story (coat of many colors, dreams, well, sold)

Genesis 37 

Memory Verse:
Colossians 1:15-16-- He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of all creation. For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him. 

moon pies

Supplies List:

  • Variegated yarn [precut  into approx 1 yard lengths and made into little balls]
    Boards with nails with small heads (to keep yarn from slipping off) nailed on in a coat shape [Note: I used leftover boards from another project; if I were starting from scratch I would use bigger boards]
  • Coffee filters
  • Markers
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Craft sticks
  • Clear tape
  • Newspaper to cover tables
  • Sharpie to write names
  • Coat (or large shirt)
  • Different colors of crepe paper streamers (12)
  • Spring-hinged clothespins (12)
  • Camera (or phone)
  • Markers and crayons
  • Blocks/Duplo
  • Joseph picture books
  • Big box
  • Costumes, including coat of many colors.
  • Shepherd’s crooks
  • Tent
  • Sitting pillows in tent
  • Nametag stickers
  • Cups, napkins, snacks, water pitcher
  • Germex
  • Diaper changing supplies 

Lesson Plan


Put on costumes (optional) and nametags

Open with a prayer. 


Colorful Coat Activity:IMG_3910

Using a coffee filter, have the child color the filter with washable markers, making the coffee filter as colorful as possible. Write child’s name with Sharpie. Then using a spray bottle filled with water, lightly squirt the coffee filter so the colors run together. Cut a small slit in the center of the coffee filter and slide a craft stick through the opening. Tape the filter to the craft stick and draw a simple face on the stick so it becomes Joseph and his coat of many colors. Set it aside to dry. 

As the child is working, talk about:
How God created colors (and how colors mix)

Books (all week):
Assorted Joseph picture books – to be looked at and read to anyone showing interest 

build towers. Talk about foundations.
(all week – Duplo play table) 

Talk about Jesus- Our Foundation. What is a foundation? What does it do? What is its purpose?
Jesus is our foundation. He will never leave us. 

Roll-play area:

Act out/preview Joseph story:
Multicolored costume coat
Large box – pretend it is a well.
Talk about family and gifts. 

Picture of Joseph in the "well."
Picture of Joseph's brothers taking care of the sheep.

IMG_3781 IMG_3794

Briefly review – Creation, Fall, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob.
Then tell story of Jacob’s 12 sons, favorite Joseph, dreams, well, sold into Egypt.

Helpful sources:
“Joseph’s Dreams” (Story 22) and “Joseph Is Attacked by His Brothers” (story 23) The Gospel Story Bible, Marty Machowski 

Discuss story:
Joseph made some bad choices. So did his father and his brothers. Things got hard for them.
Does anyone remember God’s promises to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? {He would bless them and multiply them and make them into a great nation.]
So when things were hard for them, they had God’s promises to hold on to. We have His promises to hold on to, too! Jesus is our foundation. He will never leave us. That is a BIG promise, isn’t it! 

Memory verse
Remember how we were talking about foundations at the block table? And we talked about how Jesus is our foundation. We want you to believe in and trust in and lean on Jesus, to know that He is always by your side; that His ways are BEST; and that the whole world was not only made by him but also keeps on going because of him. That’s what the Bible says, and that’s what our memory verse is going to remind us! 

Learn first part of the memory verse. 

Who is “He”? Yes, Jesus. He’s the image of God the Father…he is God with flesh and bones. We know that God is a spirit and doesn’t have a body, but Jesus is God in human flesh. What does it mean that he is the “firstborn of all creation?” Yes, that he was with God when God formed the world.

This is a great song to teach kids the names of Joseph's brothers....sing to the tune of "1 Little, 2 Little, 3 Little Indians..."
Rueben, Simeon, Levi, Judah,
Dan, Napthali, Gad and Asher,
Isachar, Zebulon, Joseph and Benjamin,
These are the sons of Ja-cob.

Activities After Storytime: 


coat of colors string art
Using variegated color yarns: tie the yarn to one nail and weave the yarn around the outside pattern of the coat, then zig-zag to their hearts content around the nails. up, down, sideways...whatever. Then when they had covered the board adequately with yarn, they tie off on one of the nails. Even though they are all similar, by giving them options in yarn color they still have unique string art.
(Make sure child’s name and date is on each project) 


  • How did Joseph come to have a multi-colored coat? (it was a gift from his father Jacob) 
  • Why did Jacob give Joseph a coat? (to show his love)IMG_3801
  • What did Joseph’s brothers think of his coat? (were jealous)
  • Joseph’s brothers did some mean things to Joseph, what was it they did? (brothers threw him in pit, sold to slavery in Egypt far from home)

SAY: Joseph had even more bad things happen to him, but through it all, Joseph remembered God’s love for him. It was like he was wrapped in God’s loving coat. Each time you look at your colorful coat, you can think about how God loves you and takes care of you even during unhappy times. (Discussion adapted from


“The Beautiful Coat” adapted from Bible Story Games for Preschoolers (Group, 1998)
Children sit in line facing “coat” on floor, with crepe paper streamers and spring-hinged clothespins to one side.
Tell the children they each will have a chance to decorate and then wear a beautiful coat that will remind us of Joseph’s story.

Each child holds out a fist; tap a fist for each phrase of this poem:
One brother
Two brothers,
Three brothers,
Decorate the coat
That’s sitting
On the floor! 

Child tapped on the last line picks up a streamer and clothespins it to the coat. He sits down again but does not put out his fist. Repeat until all have added a streamer.

Then start with all the children again and say:

Four brothers,IMG_3852
Three brothers,
Two brothers
Try on
The coat,
Just for

Last child tapped tries on the coat. Admire the coat; take a picture. Repeat until all have had a turn. 



remember sun, moon, stars story.
“Be careful; greed is dangerous.”

Put away toys and clean up the room.
Send home projects with children.

A lesson posted by Amy Crane


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