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Day Five

Jacob's Blessings 

We can help others know God
“And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15 

Main Story:
Jacob passes on the promises of God to his family

Genesis 49  

blessings rolls (mini cinnamon buns)

Supplies List:

  • Paper with verse printed on it: “And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” Mark 16:15
  • Plain, undecorated boxes (one for each student)
  • Instruction sheets (one for each student)
  • Glue sticks (one for each student)
  • Decorating items, including: Markers, stickers and jewels
  • Blank Blessing cards (10 for each student) 

Lesson Plan


Put on costumes (optional) and nametags

Open with a prayer.


Have the children make handprints (trace their hands with markers) under the Bible verse and help them write “I can help others know God.” Let them decorate the page.
Talk about ways they can help others know God. 


Storytelling resources:

link removed, no longer active
(Helpful background/study notes at - "Jacob blesses his family") 

Discuss the story:
Reflect on Jacob’s life. How does a SCOUNDREL like Jacob get blessed by God? [He certainly did not earn the blessings. It gives hope to the rest of us who want to be part of God's plan.]
And now Jacob is passing on all those blessings to his sons. Did they earn the blessings? What sorts of things did they do? [Lie, boast, kill, some sexual sin that we did not cover, ….]
And really, is there anyone in the Bible -other than JESUS, who doesn’t act like the rest of us? No... and that's the charm of Jacob’s and Joseph's stories. We're like them, deceived, deceivers, boastful, thinking we can wrestle God and win, ...and unbelievably blessed. 

Review memory verse.

Activities After Storytime:

Blessing box:

adapted from

To receive a blessing means to receive something good, so to give a blessing, or to be a blessing to someone else, means to give good things. Receiving a blessing feels good and giving a blessing feels really great, too. Giving blessings is powerful stuff!
Remember when I said that I felt blessed to have been able to see God’s beautiful creation? Do you suppose that there are other little things like that – little blessings that we don’t think much about…like having a loving family and a safe home… Why do you suppose it would be helpful to recognize all of those blessings? Remember when I said that today we would learn about an important message that God is hoping that we hear? Does anyone know what that message is?

Say: That’s right: God loves us! God wants to give us many blessings! Recognizing and remembering blessings we have received, reminds us of how much God loves us.
Jesus is the GREATEST blessing for every person on earth because Jesus was our substitute on the cross. Each person has sinned and is separated from God. There is NOTHING we can do to make ourselves right with God. By His grace, God sent us a gift we did not deserve. He sent His Son to die as a perfect sacrifice to take away our sin. EVERY person on earth has the opportunity to be made right with God. All we do is place our trust in Jesus - to FULLY depend on Him. When we receive the free gift of forgiveness that Jesus offers, our sin is taken away and forgotten! We are welcomed into God’s Kingdom. What a big blessing! 

Today you will create a special, beautifully decorated box to store memories of your blessings, both given and received. We’ll call this a Blessing Box. 

Give each child 10 slips of paper. Say: These are blessings cards. Whenever you think of a blessing that you have received or have given, ask someone to write it on one of these cards and put it in your “Blessings Box.” Now I’m sure that you are going to soon need more cards! Just use any piece of paper as a blessing card. 

Write the children’s names and “Blessing Box” on the boxes, and then have the children decorate them however they want. (Show them the supplies for decorating.) 

Discussion while working on project:
Ask: As we work on our blessing boxes, can someone tell me about a blessing (or a good thing God has done for you) in your life? (allow many answers) (Share a couple of your own blessings.)

Ask: Who can tell me an example of how they have been a blessing to someone else? (Share an example from your life; allow many answers.)
“Blessings are actions that show God’s love. (You can be God’s hands and feet!)”

Continue conversation about how God has blessed us and how we can bless others. 

More time for playground, free play, and activity centers until we join the big kids for closing worship, and then dismissal. 

Review memory verse.
Send home projects with children. 

Stay and clean up the room for Sunday. 

[Ooops. It seems I did not take pictures of crafts and things on Friday.....]

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