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Video Workshop

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Watch a video with vegetables as characters – a blueberry is feeling blue because she wants more “stuff”. Then she learns that a thankful heart is a happy heart.

For scripture and objectives - see above.

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture for this lesson.
  • Read and reflect on the overview material provided for this lesson.
  • Prepare an opening and/or closing prayer in case you need one.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • TV/VCR
  • The video, Veggie Tales “Madame Blueberry”

    Preparation Required Before Start of Class:
  • Make sure you know how to use the VCR.

Cue the video to the correct starting place – past the beginning advertisement and the opening song “Veggie Tales” (that shows scenes from other videos). Cue to start where the Tomato (Bob) is on the kitchen counter.


Opening-Welcome and Lesson Introduction:

Greet the children and introduce yourself.

Open with a prayer.

Dig-Main Content and Reflection:
Whenever it is appropriate (after music) gather children in a circle on the rug. Allow them to respond to the following questions. (Try to give everyone a chance to participate):

  • Ask: Did you get nice gifts for Christmas? Did you get any new toys?
  • Are you happy with your new toys? Are you still playing with them?
  • Do you remember what you got for Christmas last year?
  • Do you still play with any of those toys?

Say: Sometimes we get something new and it’s very exciting and we’re very happy. But then after a while, it’s not so exciting; we get tired of our “new” toy. Then maybe, we start thinking about wanting another new toy, and then another new toy…

  • Ask: Do we need to have lots of toys to be happy?
  • What are some other things that make you happy?

Say: I’ll tell you something that makes me happy. I am happy to know that Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you too. And I am happy to know that we have the Bible, which is full of stories about Jesus. Do you know that in the Bible we can read about Jesus teaching? One time Jesus taught about “the Beatitudes”. The Beatitudes are ways that Jesus wants us to live. One way Jesus wants us to live is to not want lots and lots of “stuff”.

Read the story from one of the story Bibles or storybooks. As the Rotation progresses, ask the students to tell you the story they’ve been hearing.

Say: We’re going to watch a Veggie Tales video that asks the question: How much stuff do we need to be happy?
[You might wish to make sure everyone understands that in these videos, the characters are vegetables.]

Start the video at the point indicated (see “Before Class).
PLAY about 6 minutes.

PAUSE after the narrator says, “This is a day that Madame Blueberry learns a very important lesson”.
Ask: Why is Madame Blueberry so sad? (she wants things she doesn’t have)

PLAY about 5 minutes.
STOP after they all leave the tree house to go to the “stuff mart”.
FAST FORWARD through the “Silly Songs with Larry” skit and the “Love Songs with Mr. Lunt”. [We don’t have time to watch all of this.]
PLAY when you see Madame Blueberry and entourage on their way through the woods.
PLAY about 5 minutes.
STOP when see shopping carts going out the door of the Stuff Mart.
Ask: Madame Blueberry sure has a lot of stuff. Do you think she’s happy yet?

FAST FORWARD to where Bob, Larry and Madame B. are at the snack bar.
PLAY about 3 minutes.
STOP after Madame B. says, “What a lovely butterfly.”
[You probably don’t have time for any more. There is 5 or 6 minutes of story remaining but we have just seen the “point” so can stop here.]

Say: Having lots of stuff isn’t what makes us happy. Following Jesus’ instruction is what can make us happy.

Ask children if they have anything they would like to pray for. Include these requests in your prayer. Optional words: “Dear God, We thank you for the many things you have given us. Help us to remember that having lots of things isn’t what’s most important. Following Jesus’ teaching will make us truly happy. Amen.”

Part of a set of 5 workshops for preschoolers (ages 3-5) from:

First United Methodist Church
Ann Arbor, MI

If you use this lesson, please be humble and give the author credit - include the following two lines:
Hulbert, Carol. “The Beatitudes for Preschoolers.” 2004.

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