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Reply to "Online Presentations About the Workshop Rotation Model"

Workshop Rotation Schedules

for churches of all sizes and needs

Attached to this post are the schedule examples seen in the video.
Learn more about Rotation schedules and "what stories do we teach."

Here's the typical Rotation Schedule seen in the video for a small-medium size Sunday School:
4 weeks, 4 workshops, 3 rotating grades/groups:

3 Groups, 4 Workshops, 4 Weeks

Speaking of flexibility...
Here's a special scheduling option for SMALL Sunday Schools who often don't know if they will have enough for one or two classes ("workshops") on any given Sunday. See the special presentation about why and how this schedule works.


This "Split or Don't Split" schedule is one of the creative Workshop scheduling "solutions" we posted in the animated video presentation:

Reasons to Use the Rotation Model for Post-Pandemic Sunday School


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  • 2 Groups, 4 or 5 Workshops, 4 or 5 Weeks
  • 3 Groups, 4 Workshops, 4 Weeks
  • 5 Groups, 5 Workshops, 4 or 5 Weeks
  • 4 Weeks, 4 Workshops, 4 Groups
  • RotationSchedule2021-b
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