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Psalm 150 Lesson Set ~ Praise the Lord!

This lesson can be viewed in it's entirety at http://www.trinityuccpottstown...alms---prophets.html

It is also attached to this post in Word doc format.

Lesson Overviews:

Art (Creation Station)- Children will be painting instruments of praise. (Purchase instruments at S&S Crafts)

Computers (Fisherman’s.Net)- Children will work with Cal and Marty’s Scripture Memory Game to work on memorizing the psalm and Let’s Talk to explain to an alien what “praise” means.  Both these software are now FREE to supporting members! 

Movie (Mountaintop Movies) - Children will watch clips from Pocahontas, Tangled and Madagascar to show that in real life praise gets mixed in with other feelings.

Drama (Moved by the Spirit) - Children will use the instruments they created in their art rotation to practice acts of praise. (Note, if possible have this rotation follow the creation station rotation.)

Games (Temple Courtyard )- Children will delve into the meaning of the vocabulary as they memorize Psalm 150. They will have a chance to rewrite the psalm using music making devices that are part of their own lives.


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