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Science Idea for Psalm 23


An idea originally posted by member Joan and member Neil:


For our Science Workshop about Psalm 23, we had the kids set up the following demonstration to dramatize "My cup overflows."


Stack plastic cups in a pyramid on a large tray. From a large pitcher marked "GOD'S BLESSINGS" start pouring water into the top cup. As it overflows, it will fill the cups beneath it and so on until all the cups are filled and overflowing (a little) onto the tray.  


Discuss what's in the pitcher.  (Note: you will need several pitchers of water for demonstrating!)


Discuss how each of us can "be a blessing to others" --sharing love, forgiveness, mercy, kindness.  It never runs out.


Now have the kids change the demonstration a few different ways to illustrate some related points.

  • What's wrong with just one cup receiving God's blessing?  Why does God want us to share?
  • What should we do to bring the cups together? (it's like God setting the Table in the presence of the other cups? think about it!)  
  • How do you prepare people to receive blessings?  You have to bring them close.  A church is a way to bring people together to SHARE blessings. When you are "close" to someone and they feel blessed, you feel the blessing too.
  • Can you put a lid over some of the cups?  Why do some people reject God?
  • What happens if you don't think you NEED God's forgiveness or blessing?  How would THAT cup look on our tray when we poured water over it?


The Straw Overflow Finale:


Let's put this ONE CUP far away over here.  How will it receive God's blessing?  It will!    


Using a pack of STRAWS, have your students make a long PIPE that reaches from the top cup all the way down to the floor where the "lone cup" is off on it's own. Have the students experiment with getting the water to "overflow" into the straw until it reaches that far away cup. Feel free to have several different pipes being attempted. Don't worry about spilling water, it will clean up easy.


  • Discuss ways our church reaches across thousands of miles to share blessings.
  • Discuss how our church reaches ACROSS TIME to future generations!  

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