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Noah and the Ark

Puppet Workshop 

Summary of Lesson Activities:

Construct the ark and perform a puppet skit. 

Scripture Reference:
Genesis Chapters 6-9

Leader Preparation:

  • Read the scripture and the script ahead of time.
  • Gather the materials.

Supplies List:

  • Cardboard (Or wood) Ark – large to hold all the animals 
  • People/animals on a paint stick with Velcro (Noah, Noah’s wife, 3 sons, birds, turtles, zebras, rainbow, sun, dove with olive leaf)
  • Tape with “rain sounds”
  • Tape player
  • Copies of the script.


Opening- Welcome and Lesson Introduction

Greet the children and introduce yourself. 

Dig-Main Lesson and Reflection

Making the Ark:

  • 2 large boxes (like washer/dryer) standing tall, side-by-side
  • Draw the majority of the boat on the two boxes – half on one side, half on the other.
  • The “bow/stern” of the boat can be drawn around the corners of the boxes (These will flip open and make the boat bigger.)
  • Cut the boat outline with a fiskars rotary blade (quilting) or exacto knife, leaving the bottom and the back part of the boxes intact (This helps with the stability.)
  • Tape a stick or sturdy cardboard piece to the inside to hold the bow and stern open.
  • Can tape or clamp the two boxes together for your show.
  • May want to cut away some of the top of the back of the boxes, so they don’t show from up front.
  • Paint if desired. Sharpie marker a window and a door.
  • People/animals have ½ the Velcro on the stick and the other ½ on the cardboard boat.
  • Narrator speaks while kids attach the people/animals to the ark.

Here is Noah with God’s grace shining in his eyes.
(Someone attach Noah to the Ark.)

Here is Noah’s wife.
(Attach Noah’s wife.)

And here are his sons - right by his side.
(Attach 3 sons.)

But the people on earth are not good at all. God looked at the world and saw that the people were living wicked, evil lives. Everyone that is, except Noah. Noah was a good man and found favor in God’s eyes.

“Build an ark,” said God to Noah, “with a window, with a door, with three stories tall.”
“Build an ark,” said God to Noah, “because it’s going to rain and rain and rain. And this rain will flood the earth and destroy everything that is not in the ark.
Take your wife; take your sons, and their wives, too.
Take creatures that crawl and birds that fly, animals tall and animals small, take all kinds of animals, two by two. Take 7 of some, but most of them, take two.”

So that is what Noah did. He built the ark with beams and he covered it with tar. He built in a window, and he built in a door, and the ark grew wide and the ark grew tall, big enough for the food and all the animals, two by two.

Then Noah called them, the birds that flew, robins, sparrows, crows and vultures, cockatoos, parrots, tanagers, and ibises. He called every kind of bird, seven by seven.
(Attach birds to the ark.)

And he called creeping things, snakes and lizards, tortoises and turtles, crocodiles, salamanders, alligators, too. Every kind of creeping thing, two by two.
(Attach turtles to the ark.)

Then he called to the fields and called to the hills: “Mice and Gophers! Antelopes and elephants! Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinoceroses, every kind of animal, come, two by two.
(Attach Zebras.)
(Could have the preschool kids march up front and throw stuffed animals into the boat.)

And then it started to rain. (Turn the “rain sounds” on)

One day, two days, three days, four - five days, six days, seven days more. It rained and it rained for 40 days, it rained and rained for 40 nights. The flood it destroyed everything on the earth, but safe and sound inside the ark were Noah, his family, and all of the animals, two by two.

Now the waters rose and they covered the earth and the ark it did float, as God wanted it to. For one hundred days and fifty more, the waters enveloped the earth.

Then a light wind blew and the sun came out, and the flood slowly went away. (Stop the rain sounds.)
(Attach a sun.)

For 40 days Noah patiently waited. He then sent out a raven, which flew and flew looking for a place to land. Later he sent out a dove across the water. It flew and it flew but it returned, for it could not find any place to rest.

For 7 more days Noah waited. Again he sent out the dove. When it returned this time, it carried an olive leaf in its beak. Noah knew the water was receding. Again Noah was patient. Seven days later he sent out the dove, but this time it found land to rest and did not return. Noah was happy.
(Attach a dove with olive leaf.)

And the sun came out, and the waters went away, and the earth dried up, and God said, “It’s time,” and Noah said, “It’s time.” And he opened up the windows and he opened up the doors, and he said to the animals, “Go back to your fields, go back to your mountains, go back to your ponds. Go, two by two.

And off went the robins, sparrows, crows and vultures, cockatoos, parrots, tanagers, and ibises.
(Take off the birds)

Snakes and lizards, tortoises and turtles, crocodiles, salamanders, alligators, too.
(Take off the turtles.)

Mice and gophers, antelopes and elephants, giraffes zebras, rhinoceroses, all of the animals went, two by two. And yes, even the mosquitoes.
(Take off the zebras.)

And the sun stayed out and the earth stayed dry, and the water went away. And the animals, two by two, Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives were all that was left alive. And God said to them, “Reproduce and fill all of the earth.”

And God made a promise to Noah and his people, and to all the birds and animals that lived on the ark. God promised He would never destroy all living beings by a flood. And so God placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign of His promise to the world.
(Attach a rainbow.)

And Noah and his wife, and his sons and their wives went out from the ark, two by two. 


End with a prayer.

A Sunday School lesson revised by Rachel Haugland from: Elim Lutheran Church 
Randall, IA 

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