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Reply to "LENT 2022: Ideas, Lessons, and Ideas for Lenten teaching during the pandemic"

Lent 2022 Lectionary Scriptures

"Year C"

Luke 4:1-11, Jesus' Temptation in the Wilderness

Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32, The Prodigal Son

Luke 22:14-23:56, Lord's Supper

Notes and Point of View

The Common Lectionary is used by most major denominations to create a schedule for reading and teaching scriptures every day and every Sunday worship. Many preachers use the Lectionary, for example, to decide what passage to preach.

Many children's curriculums follow the Lectionary -- providing a new lesson each week for teachers that match the passage being used in their church's worship service.

Workshop Rotation Model users and our Writing Team do not use the Common Lectionary for one simple reason: the Lectionary recommends lots of Bible passages that, while they might make good pulpit subjects, simply don't belong in a children's curriculum -- not at the expense of kids really learning the major stories. Rotation Modelers, for whom this site was originally created, focus on teaching the MAJOR stories of the Bible to kids -- each over a period of several weeks to really dig into these stories and remember them. This doesn't leave room for the "minor" stories. This is the opposite of the Lectionary's "one and done" approach that races through the Bible. Learn more about the Rotation Model.

That said, our forums and our Writing Team lesson sets DO cover MOST of the "major" and "medium" stories recommended by the Lectionary.


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