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Reply to "LENT 2022: Ideas, Lessons, and Ideas for Lenten teaching during the pandemic"

40 Lent Activities For Families

from the Little shoots - Deep roots Blog. Sign up for their newsletter to get the full list as a shareable PDF. The author suggests writing these on slips of paper to make a "lenten paper chain" from which participants can take one link each day of Lent. They could also be put in a "Lent Jar" and pull out one a day. See images of Lent Jar below.


1. do someone else’s chore
2. give someone a hug
3. help someone
4. make a card for someone
5. make a craft for someone
6. do something nice for Mom/Dad
7. do something kind for the earth
8. read a book to a sibling
9. say something kind to a family member
10. say something kind to a friend
11. play with someone different at recess
12. tell your teacher one thing you like about her
13. smile at as many people as you can
14. write a letter/draw a picture for our sponsor child
15. bring some baking to a neighbour
16. give something of yours to a family member
17. give something of yours to a friend
18. wash someone’s feet
19. do someone else’s laundry
20. clean a bathroom
21. make someone else’s bed
22. set aside some of your own money for giving to church
23. use your own money to buy food for the food bank


24. fast from TV
25. fast from dessert
26. fast from candy
27. fast from a bad habit
28. fast from sweet drinks
29. fast from meat
30. fast from reading anything but the Bible


31. praise God for who He is
32. confess something to God that you feel bad about
33. thank God for your favorite people
34. pray for someone who is sick
35. sing a song of praise to God
36. kneel before God and pray
37. pray for a refugee
38. pray for someone who needs to know Jesus
39. pray for your pastor
40. read a Bible story together

Lent Jar Ideas

Any clear container can be turned into a Lent Jar Craft with a little bit of tissue paper and some diluted white glue (or "mod podge). You can also simply spend time on creative devotional ideas or scripture verse slips of paper to put in the jar when they are "completed." In this way, "filling the jar" becomes a measure of how you are doing with keeping up on your Lenten devotions.

This last image comes from the Art Workshop lesson created by our Writing Team for it's "Temptation of Jesus" lesson set. The kids decoupaged a plastic jar with a scene of Jesus in the wilderness. Supporting Members can see that lesson here.



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