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Reply to "LENT 2022: Ideas, Lessons, and Ideas for Lenten teaching during the pandemic"

2021 Lenten Walks

Many churches already have walking groups who get together for exercise.  This idea springs from that practice, and many of us can use the exercise after our year in "exile."

  • Walking is intergenerational.
  • Walking can be in groups, by families, or on your own.
  • Walks can be scheduled or done on the walker's own time.
  • Walks can be guided by a leader or self-guided.
  • Walks are easy to organize and a natural activity for inviting friends.
  • Walking can be done with social distance and include fellowship.
  • Walks can be scheduled around the weather.
  • You can schedule several different "kinds" of walks during Lent.
  • A printed guide can let participants walk and participate at their own pace.
  • Walks can be of any length to accommodate physical and time needs.
  • Lenten Walks are preferably outdoors, but they are not "sight-seeing tours." Rather, they take their cue from the contemplative side of Lent. They can include stopping points to read a short verse and consider a question, or take time for prayer as you move on to the next stop.
  • Lenten Walks can explore the discipline of silence, of seeing or listening, and prayer.
  • Lenten Walks can imitate the walking of Jesus, the walk of faith, and the Exodus journey.
  • "Turning Points" on the walk can reflect on the meaning of the traditional Lenten theme of repentance (which literally means to "turn around").
  • Starting and finishing points on the walk be adjusted for different ages and abilities, themes and schedules.
  • Local topography and landmarks can be incorporated in the walk to emphasize themes, such as "wilderness," uneven ground, water, old trees (and their roots), etc.   Consider local parks for varied walk options.

A Few Possible Walk Themes

The 7 "I Am" statements in John ("I am the Bread of Life," etc)

The Temptations of Christ

The Stations (Story) of the Cross.

The Ten Commandments (a journey of obedience), the Exodus Journey


Lord's Prayer

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.


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