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Reply to "LENT 2022: Ideas, Lessons, and Ideas for Lenten teaching during the pandemic"

We are coming up on our second Easter "during covid" and since I don't know yet what our church will be doing on that day, I decided to plan as though we will continue through March and April as we are today. That means I'm doing at home Sunday School lessons that families can do but our church has some people worshiping online and some here in the church in person. It is going pretty well so far. The covid #s in our city continue to decline and the # of people vaccinated is growing quickly so as it has been for almost a year (or always in children's ministry), flexibility is key. So, I'm happy to be able to plan a little knowing that I may need a new plan later and that's ok too. If things change a bit, I'll just adjust. However, that means I've got my lessons prepped on our web page through Easter and a little after so all of my Rotation friends can take a peek too if you want.

I am doing a quick series of at home easy lessons that go really well with the Saddleback kids videos. I may end up adding, changing or completely doing something new, but for now, here are the links to our lessons for Spring 2021 at Community Kids, Sioux Falls, SD. There are some templates for things like Holy Spirit flame crowns and an Easter egg hunt that could be fun no matter the setting. The links are after each date.

March 7, 2021- The Last Supper

March 14, 2021- Jesus Washes Feet

March 21, 2021- Jesus Prays

March 28, 2021- Palm Sunday

April 4, 2021- Easter

April 11, 2021- God is With Us

April 18, 2021- The Holy Spirit

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