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John 21:6 The resurrected Jesus gives fishing lessons

What's your "other side" of the boat?

It may not be your "same old side." And the "other side" may also be Jesus' way of saying "don't give up."

As followers of The Great Fisherman, it can be a fun discussion starter to compare what we know about fishing for fish to fishing for people.

For example, have you ever watched professional fishermen or a professional bass fishing tournament on TV? They are fascinating (to some of us). The pros don't stay in one spot, they move until they find the right spot for that day and time. The pros also don't keep using the same rod and lure either, they try out different equipment and techniques until their find what works for that moment's conditions.

I also love the saying, "There's fishing, and then there's catching." Over the years I've also learned that "catching ain't caught" either!  When I used to live in Florida I did a lot of freshwater fishing, and as any Florida fisherman will tell you, alligators will often show interest in what you're doing. I've had more than one go after a lure or try to steal my fish as I reeled it in.  Here's a photo from my cellphone of one particularly curious gator that lived in the fishin lake next to my former house in Florida. We called him "Nippy." (A Florida fisherman also learns to keep an eye on the weeds.)

What and who and where are the alligators in your fishin spot?


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