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SUNDAY SCHOOL AFTER THE PANDEMIC: Trends, Articles, Statistics


This topic is focused on what church leaders and experts are saying and what various church statistics and surveys are telling us.

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A discussion about Returning, Rebuilding, and Renewing Sunday School
as we come out of the pandemic
this fall 2021 and beyond

Kicking off the topic: Neil's list of recommended articles

Here are links to some of the pastor-bloggers and church "experts" whose insights I have appreciated on the subject of preparing and leading congregations through and after the COVID pandemic. While mostly geared toward "church" and adult worship, much of their advice and observations affect Children's ministry as well. --Rev Neil

  1. What Not to Say to People When Leading Change

  2. 8 Disruptive Church Trends in the Post Pandemic Church

  3. Returning to the Pre-pandemic Church Would be a Step Backwards (for some)

  4. 5 Post Pandemic Accelerators (priorities)

  5. Leading a Post-COVID Church: A Pastor’s Guide to Ministry Challenges & Opportunities
    Free E-Book By Thom Rainer. Thom's advice is usually right on target.

  6. Podcast:  Leading a Simple Church in Post Covid World

  7. Ten Predictions About the Future Church

  8. 5 Trends Shaping Next Gen Ministry

  9. 5 Types of Church Members Who Will Not Return

  10. Pew Research into Church Attendance during COVID and expectations

  11. Pastoring in a Digital Age

  12. Best and Worst Digital Practices

  13. The Church has Left the Building: 5 Truths about the Future

  14. 4 Reasons Your Church Will Lose Volunteers after the Pandemic

There are a few more recommended articles linked in posts below this one.

Feel free to post your suggested reads.

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