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SUNDAY SCHOOL AFTER THE PANDEMIC: Changes, Trends, Ideas, Safe Sunday School, Rotation Model after the pandemic, Online Sunday School

Sunday School After the Pandemic:
Changes, Trends, Ideas, Challenges,
How Will We Be Different?
Safe Sunday School practices,
Rotation Model after the Pandemic
Online Sunday School?
...and more

This topic is looking ahead at issues and needs
not only for the "reopening" of Sunday School and related programs,
but for post-pandemic Sunday School and children's ministry,
--what we have learned from the pandemic,
changes that need to be made,
and what the "new normal" may look like.


Kicking off the discussion in THIS topic is a list of safety recommendations to help reduce the spread of illness in Sunday School and congregations after the pandemic is over. You will also find an article about how the Workshop Rotation Model can help us answer many of the challenges ahead.

You are welcome to reply with your thoughtful questions and ideas about "Sunday School and Children's Ministry after the pandemic."

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For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity,
but of power, love, and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7 - NLT

Safe Sunday School Now & After the Pandemic is Over

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The COVID pandemic has taught us that anywhere children and adults gather can become a "vector" for the spread of illness, including COVID and influenza which not only can make you very sick, they can be health and life-threatening to many. Moving forward, churches have learned that they can and SHOULD DO MORE to protect the health of members, visitors, and staff.

Many of the following recommendations are/were lessons learned during the COVID pandemic and should become part of our future "safe church" policies and practices. Heeding the following advice is not only the right thing to do, it will earn respect, spread good practices, keep more people healthy, and let us focus on teaching.

They have been suggested by healthcare professionals, the CDC, various children's ministry experts, and he members of, Consider them a starting point for discussion and implementation in your church.

Establish a "sick child" policy and educate parents.

Remind teachers to be on the look-out for ill children and adults, and have a plan to deal with such.

Have a supply of disposable masks for students and teachers who have symptoms.

Prop open doors where possible so that people don't have to touch handles and knobs and so that the flow of fresh air is increased.

Place hand-sanitizing "volunteers" at your entrances to catch people coming AND going -or- begin classes by passing the sanitizer.

Learn to put "some" space between students in the classroom and during activities especially during "flu season." For example, add an extra table, sit in a larger circle, form lines at an arm's length. Teach kids good spacing habits.

Remove or adapt practices and points of physical contact in lessons and activities. This includes worship service practices such as "passing the peace," or passing an offering tray.

Review and improve church cleaning practices and schedules, particularly anything people put their hands on.

Place signage in bathrooms and hallways about washing hands and covering coughs.

Review and make necessary modifications to air handling systems. "Fresh is best"

Pay special attention to "super spreader" activities, such as singing, and be extra-vigilant about letting "sick" kids (coughing, sniffling) participate without wearing a mask and washing hands.

Practice safe food handling by having gloved volunteers pouring drinks and distributing snacks.

Train volunteers and nursery workers in safety policies and emergency practices.

Review and update your volunteer background checks.

Review unmonitored or unsafe areas in the building. Lock unused space. Install security.

Review or create safe workplace policies and practices that protect and promote the health of pastors and staff.

Be an example to others of hope, care, safety, and patience.

And finally...  Have a plan to deliver at-home Sunday School and worship to those who cannot attend in-person, and reach out to children with illnesses and chronic issues.

If you have something to add to this list, please post your reply.

Permission granted to share as needed.


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